Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review | Badger Balm Lip Balm Set

I was recently contacted by Beauty Naturals who asked if I was interested in reviewing the Badger Balm Lip Balm Set. Beauty Naturals are an online and catalogue based company that sell all natural products and really fair prices (plus free delivery!). I am a lip balm addict. I don't think it's possible to have enough. I had never heard of Badger Balm before, but I now have a hefty wishlist of products I seriously want to get my hands on!

The subtle natural flavour and fragrance blends of these natural lip balms will soothe and smooth lips and they can even be used to treat dry skin anywhere on the body. They include Antioxidant Seabuckthorn Berry and Rosehip Extracts, as well as organic Aloe Vera Extract for soothing relief.

I love the packaging, it's very cute the box is handy to keep them all in. Although I've now got one in every handbag so I am never without! The scents in the set are Highland Mint, Tangerine Breeze, Ginger and Lemon and then there is one unscented lip balm. I am not a fan of the Ginger and Lemon but that's simply because I hate ginger, luckily my Nan loves it so she's quickly claimed this one! My favourite is Tangerine Breeze as it reminds me of cocktails and summer (can we please have some sun soon). 

The lip balms are brilliant, they have replaced all the others I own and I find myself reaching for them every day. They are super moisturising and soothing, they have really helped to sort out my dry lips. I love these and will definitely be purchasing more when these run out. Plus they are organic too and not made with any nasty chemicals!

The Badger Balm Lip Set is on sale for £8.70 from Beauty Naturals.
*pr sample courtesy of Beauty Naturals


  1. It's such a pitty, that they don't send it worldwide or at least to Europe, would definetly love to buy this one, it looks nice and those fragrances sounds so good! :(

  2. I love ginger so I'd probably like that one. These are so cute! x

    1. You would it's very strong :)! They are lovely x

  3. I used to have the Vanilla one and liked it, and I gave my friend the mint one and she absolutely loved it! x

  4. I'd never use it before, thanks for review!

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    Will be glad if you enter!

  5. I love badger balm I may have to invest in one of these!

  6. This looks like a great set, adorable packaging :-)

    Love, Christine♥


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