Sunday, 19 May 2013

Review | Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask

ascel silky gel lip mask
ascel silky gel lip mask
ascel silky gel lip mask

When Tanning and Beauty World asked me if I wanted to review an item from the brand Ascel I was really interested to try out the Silky Gel Lip Mask*. I had never heard of a lip mask before! I always suffer from dry and chapped lips, and my lips aren't very plump so this product is right up my street. 

The Ascel Lip Mask works to make lips plumper and moister in 20 minutes. It is made from Anion Thermal plastic rubber material, which is chemical free and completely safe to use. Silky Lip Mask's unique Hydragel accelerates absorption of moisture and nourish your pout.

Using this is very easy, soak the mask in water, then apply to clean lips after lip balm and leave for 20 minutes. The lip mask is reusable for up two weeks after your first application and for best results you should use it daily. I liked using this and it feels nice on the lips whilst it is working, also I expected it to fall off constantly but it didn't. My Nan enjoyed making jokes and the fact I couldn't speak for a while! 

After using the Silky Gel Lip Mask I definitely saw a difference in the plumpness in my lips. They were tingly and a lot plumper than before using the mask. However it isn't a permanent thing and after a few hours my lips were back to how they normally are. My lips were also slightly lighter in colour and were a lot softer. I was impressed with the results and think this is a great product to easily include into your pamper routine, especially before a night out. 

I will definitely be purchasing more of the Ascel Lip Masks as I think it is great value for money considering you can use it as much as you want for two weeks! 

Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask costs £6.95 from Tanning and Beauty World
*pr sample


  1. wow this sounds really interesting, I had never heard of a lip mask before.
    Megan xx

  2. This sounds like a cool idea, i have never seen these in shops before.

    jess xx


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