Friday, 31 May 2013

Review | Nanoblur

In one word…magic! nanoblur is tomorrow’s high technology, today. Millions of particles refl­ect light perfectly in billions of directions to make the skin’s surface appear completely ­flawless. Within seconds, pores begin to disappear. Fine lines seem to vanish. Skin texture appears nearly perfect. With one application on skin (even your hands!), you will be convinced that nanoblur will make you look up to 10 years younger in a matter of seconds. It’s that simple.

Nanoblur comes from the clever people at Indeed Laboratories, who you will probably know for reviewing the cult product Hydraluron, which I desperately need to try! I don't really have to worry about aging skin yet as I'm 18, but Nanoblur* claims to help smooth out skin and minimise pores so I was really interested to test this out. Nanoblur is very lightweight and gel like in texture. It disappears into the skin quickly, it feels very luxurious and smooth. 

When applying Nanoblur you are told to apply it as the last step of your skin care regime if you're not wearing make up, if you are then apply after liquid foundation and before powder. If you have dry skin then mixing a small amount in with moisturiser is another way to apply Nanoblur. To apply Nanobur pat it gently onto where you need it. 

To be honest if I'm not wearing make up then I don't need my face too be at its best as nobody will be seeing it haha! I didn't like applying this after foundation as I find it does move your make up around a bit.  Adding a small amount to my daily moisturiser was the best method for me. I found if you just apply it after moisturiser and before foundation it can be difficult to blend into your skin and can be slightly sticky. 

Nanoblur definitely made a difference to my skin, it felt smoother and my pores were slightly smaller looking. I really think this works and I was impressed with the results. My skin didn't look incredible but it was a lot better and imperfections were a lot less noticable. I think it works the best when used as a primer mixed in with moisturiser. I didn't think Nanoblur would live up to my expectations but it really did. 

I will definitely consider purchasing this again in the future as it doesn't really break the bank at £19.99 and it lasts forever as you only need a tiny amount to get fab results. Have you tried Nanoblur?

*pr sample

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review | Badger Balm Lip Balm Set

I was recently contacted by Beauty Naturals who asked if I was interested in reviewing the Badger Balm Lip Balm Set. Beauty Naturals are an online and catalogue based company that sell all natural products and really fair prices (plus free delivery!). I am a lip balm addict. I don't think it's possible to have enough. I had never heard of Badger Balm before, but I now have a hefty wishlist of products I seriously want to get my hands on!

The subtle natural flavour and fragrance blends of these natural lip balms will soothe and smooth lips and they can even be used to treat dry skin anywhere on the body. They include Antioxidant Seabuckthorn Berry and Rosehip Extracts, as well as organic Aloe Vera Extract for soothing relief.

I love the packaging, it's very cute the box is handy to keep them all in. Although I've now got one in every handbag so I am never without! The scents in the set are Highland Mint, Tangerine Breeze, Ginger and Lemon and then there is one unscented lip balm. I am not a fan of the Ginger and Lemon but that's simply because I hate ginger, luckily my Nan loves it so she's quickly claimed this one! My favourite is Tangerine Breeze as it reminds me of cocktails and summer (can we please have some sun soon). 

The lip balms are brilliant, they have replaced all the others I own and I find myself reaching for them every day. They are super moisturising and soothing, they have really helped to sort out my dry lips. I love these and will definitely be purchasing more when these run out. Plus they are organic too and not made with any nasty chemicals!

The Badger Balm Lip Set is on sale for £8.70 from Beauty Naturals.
*pr sample courtesy of Beauty Naturals

Monday, 27 May 2013

puppy love.

after his first bath | jewellery organising | being a naughty pup
still love the l'oreal top coat | someone has a new spot | bath time
SIMBAAAAA | so so excited for next year's tour | being all cute before bed

 Bertie is 10 weeks old now and he has been home for 2 weeks although it feels longer! He is so cute that when he is does something wrong its impossible to tell him off. He still loves cuddles and is a lot better at sleeping through the night. Just means there is no such thing as a lie in for me anymore :(! Toilet training is getting there very very slowly too. He goes on the paper 95% of the time now and I am trying to get him too learn to go outside too but he is a bit stubborn! I've not really done anything else to talk about to be honest expect book One Direction tour tickets for June next year. It's worrying that I'm so obsessed with a band that I've booked tickets for a tour for an album that's not even been recorded yet. 

What have you been up to recently?

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Review | Viviscal Hair Fibers

My hair is chaotic, it is thick at the bottom but flat and has no volume by the roots. When offered the chance to test out Viviscal Hair Fibers*,  a product that I had never seen before that claims to add volume and thickness to fine or thinning hair I was very interested. 

The hair fibers are said to be electrostatically charged so they stick to the hair and give a thicker appearance. Viviscal Hair Fibers can be used by men or women. It's also avaliable in a range of colours to match and blend with your own hair and stop the fibers being noticable. I was sent the Dark Brown/Black colour which was a good match for my hair. 

The fibers come in a shaker style tube. It was easy to distribute this over my hair but it does get quite messy and I would definitely suggest doing it over a sink and not with your best clothes on! I found it best to apply this a little bit at a time and "work" the fibers into the hair as you go. This does work and my hair did look thicker at the roots but not enough for me to be wowed by it. 

However I can't help but feel like it's probably more effort and mess than what it is worth for me personally to repurchase. I wouldn't be able to use this daily as it does take a while to get the best results and it can get messy, especially if you have already applied your make up. If you do suffer from thin hair then I can definitely see this working well for you.

Would you be interested in a product like this?

It can be purchased from here and retails at $24.99 (£16.13) and using promo code VIVISCAL will give you $5 off.
*pr sample provided by 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Review | Broadway imPRESS Nails

impress broadway nails
impress broadway nails
impress broadway nails

I have never in my life had false nails in any way so trying imPRESS Nails* by Broadway was an exciting time for me (yes I am sad). I've never been interested in having false nails after hearing horror stories of them ruining your own nails and being very expensive to maintain, so press on nails that don't require glue is right up my street. I was too stupid to look at the shade I had but it is a gorgeous red based coral.

imPRESS nails deliver instant salon-perfect manicures without drying times. Superior, lasting shine – this flexible nail cover delivers an indestructible top coat that rivals the best salon gel polish. imPRESS nails last up to a week while keeping nails protected. What polish can say that! 

I love the look of the nails and was "impressed" (sorry) with the range of sizes that come in the pack. There are 24 nails in various sizes so you can match the right shape to your nail. I have tiny fingers so thought it would be a bit of an issue but I managed to make it work, although I should have probably filed them down a bit first before applying. Application was very simple and fast. I had a full set of lovely nails in 5 minutes. They felt natural and my Nan then nicked the rest of the spare nails to use for herself!

I will be honest and say I didn't expect them to last that long, and on the second night after application the first nail pinged off. I had some spares to replace it but by the third night they were all a bit loose and I decided to peel them off (which was very easy and quick too). 

 I personally liked the imPRESS nails and would repurchase them if I wanted lovely nails for an event or party (not that I ever go anywhere!). They are a bit too pricey for me to purchase regularly, although I do have my eyes on some of the floral prints for summer. 

imPRESS nails are avaliable from Boots at £7.99. Have you tried them?

*pr sample

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Review | Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask

ascel silky gel lip mask
ascel silky gel lip mask
ascel silky gel lip mask

When Tanning and Beauty World asked me if I wanted to review an item from the brand Ascel I was really interested to try out the Silky Gel Lip Mask*. I had never heard of a lip mask before! I always suffer from dry and chapped lips, and my lips aren't very plump so this product is right up my street. 

The Ascel Lip Mask works to make lips plumper and moister in 20 minutes. It is made from Anion Thermal plastic rubber material, which is chemical free and completely safe to use. Silky Lip Mask's unique Hydragel accelerates absorption of moisture and nourish your pout.

Using this is very easy, soak the mask in water, then apply to clean lips after lip balm and leave for 20 minutes. The lip mask is reusable for up two weeks after your first application and for best results you should use it daily. I liked using this and it feels nice on the lips whilst it is working, also I expected it to fall off constantly but it didn't. My Nan enjoyed making jokes and the fact I couldn't speak for a while! 

After using the Silky Gel Lip Mask I definitely saw a difference in the plumpness in my lips. They were tingly and a lot plumper than before using the mask. However it isn't a permanent thing and after a few hours my lips were back to how they normally are. My lips were also slightly lighter in colour and were a lot softer. I was impressed with the results and think this is a great product to easily include into your pamper routine, especially before a night out. 

I will definitely be purchasing more of the Ascel Lip Masks as I think it is great value for money considering you can use it as much as you want for two weeks! 

Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask costs £6.95 from Tanning and Beauty World
*pr sample

Friday, 17 May 2013

Haul | H&M May 2013

H&M Cross Print Shirt
H&M Mint Green Jumper
H&M grey studded jumper

I go through stages with H&M where I either want it all or can't find anything I like but recently I have been really impressed, plus most of the clothes are well priced and good quality. I love this cross print shirt and have seen it featured on a few other blogs, it was a bargain at £12.99. I can wear this in so many different ways too and I think it's a staple for my wardrobe. I love jumpers and have been living in these two babies. Mint green is my favourite colour so I love this cut out jumper, it's comfy and I think it will look lovely with shorts and converse when the sun's out! The studded jumper is very light weight so will be easy to wear in summer too. I can't remember the price (it's not online) but I have seen it instore this week. 

Are you a fan of H&M?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

May- New Reads

Hi Lovelies, I’m Elysa and I’m 17. My blog is all about makeup and beauty. As a Makeup artist I can share with you some good makeup tips and tricks. I have loved beauty from a young age but only last year I decided to start my blog on a night that I was very board. I do have dyslexia so please excuse the occasional spelling mistake. I would love it if you could pop over and say hi, it always makes my day. 

I'm Emily! By day I work in a pre-school and by night I blog about my love for all things beauty and fashion. My blog consists of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts with food posts thrown in. I've been blogging for 14 months and love it! I love sharing my thoughts and reviews with my lovely followers. I'd love you to pop on over and say hi or tweet me. I love nothing more than meeting new people with an interest for anything girly!

I've always loved to write and as an English student what I'm forced to write about isn't glamourous. What did I want to write about- Makeup! So 'Beads of Jade' was born. A place where I natter about make up to my hearts content. I review any brand, from Illamasqua to 17 and chuck in some lifestyle posts too. I've had some training in skincare, haircare and beauty, so I share the little bits of knowledge I've learnt! I'd love it if you'd check out my blog and say hi! 
Just Jess is my little place for sharing bits and pieces of my life, from beauty reviews and recipes through to nail art, what inspires me and even the occasional bit of fashion! I love posting wishlists and favourites, and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

If you fancy advertising on Ellie's Ramblings click here to find out more! 
Rates start from £2 :) 

Monday, 13 May 2013

meet Bertie! :)

trialling imPRESS nails | delicious chocolate | found Wally 
cheeky treat | so happy to have a onesie at last | need to do a haul post
morning cuddles | tiny pup | he looks so big here but he is tiny

So my new best friend, Bertie, is finally home and its been an interesting couple of days. We picked up Bertie my cockapoo puppy on Saturday morning and he is sitting on my feet as I write this! He is so cute it is impossible to be mad at him when he is a bit naughty (luckily that hasn't been too often). He loves cuddles and napping on my lap, to be honest he barely leaves my side unless food is involved, we are best buds already it can be difficult as he cries when I leave him alone or put him in his crate at night. Toilet training him is not that easy either as he is so quick and I can't get him outside fast enough so if anyone has tips please tell me! I love him so so much and he is the cutest bundle of fluff. I'm so lucky to have him even if it does mean gaining a new shadow and loosing my freedom. (blog posts might be slow for a while!) But I am constantly posting puppy updates on my twitter and instagram!
twitter- elliesteadman
instagram- elliesteadman

If you have any tips on puppies please let me know! I'd love to know training ideas including how to get him to cope better in his crate, toilet training or good toys to get etc. Anything, I'd love to know :)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Review | RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

rapidlash eyelash enhancing serum box packaging
rapidlash eyelash enhancing serum box packaging
rapidlash eyelash enhancing serum tube
rapidlash eyelash enhancing serum brush

After falling head over heels in love with RapidBrow I was very excited when Look Fantastic asked me to try RapidLash*, the original product created to give fuller looking eyelashes in 30 days.

RapidLash is an eyelash enhancing serum, it has an innovative high-performance formula that works to improve the appearance of lashes when applied every day. RapidLash is full of ingredients and the Hexatein 1 Complex (science is not my strong point) that are clinically proven too boost appearance of lashes. The serum is a clear gel that's easy to apply with the tiny brush on the base of your upper eyelashes from the inner to outer corner. RapidLash is to apply and doesn't irritate your eyes.

 My lashes are fairly long and dark so I wasn't sure if I would see results from RapidLash. Looking at the before and after pictures I think there is definitely an improvement in my eyelashes. If you look at the top outer corner lashes I think my lashes are a lot fuller and thicker than before using RapidLash. I have been using this for about two months now and am impressed with the results however it did take a bit longer for me to see results than with using RapidBrow. 

RapidLash is so easy to use and does give results. I can imagine this working wonders on someone with sparser eyelashes. I would definitely consider repurchasing this again in a few months time. It has improved the appearance and condition of my lashes, they are thicker and fuller, especially in certain areas where they were sparser before. Would you consider using an eyelash serum?

RapidLash costs £39.99 from Look Fantastic. 
*pr sample

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Review | Simply Beautiful Collection Hand Lotion

SBC Hand Lotion
SBC Hand Lotion

Simply Beautiful Collection is a brand I had not heard about until I was offered the chance to review the Hand Lotion*. SBC offers salon and spa quality products that deliver quality results at home. I suffer from dry hands and am forever slathering on hand creams, so the chance to try out SBC Hand Lotion was welcomed! 

Moisturise, soften and replenish skin with this refining collagen hand lotion. Luxurious conditioning collagen extracts are instantly absorbed to leave hands smooth, soft and visibly uplifted. Boost hydration, address the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect your hands.

The packaging is great as it comes in a huge bottle with a pump so you can easily dispense the right amount of lotion. It smells gorgeous, like pink grapefruits and is very light weight, meaning it sinks into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave behind any greasy residue. 

This bottle has been sitting next to the sink for me and my Nan to share. She loves it and says that it has made her hands look younger and filled out lines she has in her skin. I personally don't have to worry about wrinkles yet, but this has really helped to keep my hands hydrated and soft. The bottle is lasting for a very long time and I can gurantee my Nan will get me to pick up another bottle when it does eventually run out!

You can pick up SBC Hand Lotion for £15 from QVC here
*pr sample

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Instagram Update

Yes I still would fancy 1D | They don't make an Ellie coke! | Finally can get Sinful colours in Boots
Beyonce tickets | Queen B on stage | Florida countdown has begun
Quick OOTD | BBQ season | Bertie is gorgeous

It was a bloody good week. Monday I went shopping with my Nan and picked up quite a few summery things so expect hauls up soon. On Tuesday I went to see Beyonce with one of my best friends Amber. We started planning our trip to Florida that's happening this year too! Beyonce was absolutely incredible, she is the Queen in my eyes! The show was fantastic and I was for once speechless when it ended (and gutted that it was over). The best thing to happen this week was that I BOUGHT A PUPPY! :D Bertie, my new cockapoo, is coming home this week and I absolutely cannot wait, there will definitely be more puppy related things coming up on my blog soon as I am already in love with him. 
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