Friday, 5 April 2013

Summer Trends

With the chilly winds and snow it seems that Spring most definitely is not yet sprung! Thinking about summer clothing sounds weird, but I love to be prepared with my wardrobe. Women’s clothing for the Summer is heavily influenced by trends on the catwalks in New York, London, Milan, Paris. Whether you want to follow the latest trends in women’s clothes or just have an eye on them when refreshing your wardrobe for Summer, read on:

First off, monochrome. Yep, you probably remember when black&white plastic mini dresses made an appearance in the swinging 60s- well, they never really went away. Of all the main labels Louis Vuitton is going big-time for black&white and brown&white-  squares and checkerboard designs. 

Ethnicity in fashion is almost always a sure-fire winner. For this Summer, think oriental-botanical. From Japanese jasmine blossom printed dresses to silky kimonos with dragon motifs for you to slouch around in at home. Think Geisha with attitude. Prada seem to be out in front here. But you can find other less-exclusive and less-expensive designs in this field.

The love affair with all things metal continues, you remember I'm obsessed with rose gold! Is it because it reflects the sun or because in clubs the lights play and bounce on shiny metallic colours? Silvers, golds and glitters; as flashy as poss. It seems we love reflecting metals in clothes. The golden rule (excuse the pun) is don’t overdo it. Just one metallic item is sparkly enough- pair with something plain so not too look OTT.

Finally, if you watch the fashion shows and read magazines you’ll see that big, bold and block dress prints are a major trend. Bright colours and shapes against a white or pastel background are everywhere. They are a nice contrast from the ethnic prints and look good with a leather jacket to get you from day to night. This trend is eye-catching and comes in a wide variety of designs- you can find one that matches your personality!

Wear it loud ‘n proud ladies- roll on Summer!
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