Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Review | Roots and Wings Sweets

Natures Healthbox are brilliant for being your one stop shop for all things organic and natural, they have everything from beauty to household essentials so you can stock up on everything in one go. It can get addictive to browsing the website though and my basket is full of natural products I want to try.

Natures Healthbox recently sent me a lovely treat to perk me up and I was super chuffed because I am a sweetaholic. Well to be fair I am generally addicted to anything sweet but I didn't feel guilty when I devoured these Roots and Wings traditional favourites as they are organic and free from all the nasty stuff that the sweets I badly scoff regularly are full of. 

I will be honest, the bags weren't around for long as my whole family helped themselves and picked a favourite. I love the packaging, it reminds me of old fashioned sweet shops and matches the traditional flavours inside the bags! The sweets were all really tasty, which I didn't expect considering they don't have any of the stuff other brands use to deliberately make sweets taste a certain way. Even better all the sweets are GM free, pesticides free, and don't contain chemicals or artificial ingredients. 

I will definitely be picking up more of these for £2.29 a bag they make a guilt free treat that taste yummy and isn't full of bad stuff. I want to try other products from Roots and Wings too like their beauty products!

Have you got a sweet tooth too? Would you prefer to gorge on organic sweets?
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  1. Ooooo these sound nice! I definitely have a sweet tooth, so these sound good to me! :)


  2. mmm sherbet lemons I need me some of these they sound so yummy! (" x

  3. These sound lovely! I have a sweet tooth in the evenings so I'm always looking for healthy ways to stave it off! x


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