Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Trend | Metallic Belts

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I have never been one who bothers much with accessorising outfits, but recently I have started to realise that a simple piece can make the same outfit look completely different, especially because I can sometimes wear very simple and plain outfits. I have seen the metallic belts trend around a lot more recently and really love it. It was seen on celebrities over the awards season and I am really keen to invest in a few belts, especially a rose gold one. Anything metallic makes a statement, and a belt is a great way to jazz up an outfit in a subtle way and bring a bit of sparkle. I am a magpie and love anything shiny! I have found six belts from different shops to show that I think there is a metallic belt for every outfit.  

What do you think about this trend? Are you an accessory lover? 
*A post written in collaboration with Veronica Stone


  1. Such a nice blog!
    Stop by at mine sometime ♥ Maybe you'd like to follow each other, let's stay in touch ♥

  2. Love the pink metallic belt.

  3. What lovely belts! You have a gorgeous blog.

    Emma x

  4. ugh metallic belts are the best thing ever! I've been looking for one for way long, havent found the perfect one yet unfortunately :(


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