Wednesday, 3 April 2013

From Paris, With Love

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Sob story time. I have never been to Paris. :( I have always wanted to go. It is the land of fashion, romance and of course Euro Disney. One day I definitely will go, but for now I have to admire from afar. Trust me I have never been more tempted than to just book a flight and go explore on my own than I have in the past few months. I have even got as far as the payment page and always chicken out. recently posted a blog featuring three Parisian bloggers answering quetstions about Paris fashion and style. I found it a really interesting read, as it shows that even in different cities they still share the same love for fashion that us British girls have! Being a lover of fashion and the French way of life I am going to attempt to answer the questions too. 
Just imagine me saying them with a french accent for authenticity. 

What does fashion mean to you?
I want to say fashion is a passion but then all I think of is the Bratz dolls! Fashion is about expressing yourself and showing your personality, emotions and style. I think if you look good it makes you feel good, so fashion is an important and powerful part of our lives. I don't follow all the latest trends, because they don't always suit me or my body shape, but I love finding clothes I love and putting together outfits that I feel great in. 

How does Paris inspire your style?
I don't have a set style. I wear completely different outfits every day. It depends on my mood, but I always admire Paris fashion because of its elegance, class and the freedom to wear what you want and not care what people think. I think Paris is full of stylish women with great attitudes, I wish I had their confidence!

What item do you always take on holiday with you?
My holiday fashion essential for a holiday is a pair of denim shorts because you can wear them day or night and they will go with everything. A beauty essential would be sun cream for obvious pale skinned reasons. An extra essential would be a camera because you want to remember your trip.

Your fashion tip for holidays?
Plan ahead. Check the weather and prepare for it. Take a light weight jacket or cardigan to keep warm at nights. If you are exploring the cities then take flat shoes or sandals. Comfy clothes for travelling in, bascially be prepared!

Have you ever been to Paris? 
*this is a collaberation post

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