Friday, 29 March 2013

10 Commandments of Saving

After posting about a competition I am part of with Money Supermarket I have picked my favourite 10 tips from the emails I received. I genuinely loved reading all the tips sent in! So below are the 10 tips I have picked and will be entered into the next part of the competition to win £100! Thank you to everyone who sent me saving tips, and thank you to the people whose tips are in the Commandments! 

Withdraw the maximum amount of money you can spend in a week from the cash point. If you pay by card you loose track of what you have spent. - Emma

Label a jar with what you are aiming for (e.g trip to Disney!) to motivate you to save money and fill up the jar with loose change. - Catrin

If you see something you want, wait a week - don't impulse buy. After a week if you still really want it then think about getting it (most the time you will have forgotten!) - Laura

Never take your debit/credit card with you on a night out! You are guaranteed to end up spending way more than you want too! Jess

Go food shopping nearer closing time! This means you will pick up all the bargain reduced items that are close to the end of their display date. Emeli

If you shop online then sign up to cashback websites like Quidco where you get money back on your orders. You usually get 10% back or discount codes. Becky

Buy multi purpose products where possible! For example your lipstick doubles up as a blush, plus it is obviously going to be the best colour match. Kimberly

Look for a temporary cheap option! If you want something expensive, look for a cheap dupe, you will then see how much use you will get out of it and if it's worth it. Tolly

When looking into buying something like insurance, always ring the companies. You will usually get a better deal than online and you can haggle! Faith

Set up a savings account or ISA. Put a set amount in every week/month. As little as £5 a week would soon add up. Make sure you hide the card though! Sarah

What do you think? Do you stick to any of these tips or will you now?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

What I'd Wear to Ladies Day

Ladies Day- The chance for a woman to go all out and dress up. Unfortunately most of the pictures you see from Ladies Day at the Grand National aren't the best representation of British fashion. The press love showing pictures of the "worst dressed" women and it seems the formal dress code seems to get lost on some. Ladbrokes got in contact wanting to know what outfit I would pick if I were to go. I would love the chance to dress up and look as classy and on trend as possible!

The dress I would wear is this Lace Bodice Pleat Dress from Warehouse. I love wearing pastels and nudes during Spring, I love the colour of this dress and think it would suit my figure and pale skin. I think the detail makes it look a lot more expensive than it is too. A head piece is essential for Ladies Day, I wouldn't pull off a full on hat but I like the detail on this Lace Fascinator from Debenhams. I think it is small enough to not distract from the dress but still has a lot of detail. My shoe choice is a sparkle lovers dream! The Gold Slingbacks probably aren't easy to walk in but they sure are pretty. The Stone Clutch from New Look is big enough to carry all my beauty products and keeps in with my nude colour scehme that I seem to have going on. I'd only wear one piece of jewellery, which would be my Return To Tiffany bracelet that I got for my birthday last year. It is simple but I love the blue side of the heart.

What do you think of the outfit?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Quick Tips #1

I thought I might start a series (don't expect it to be at set times or anything as I will forget!) called Quick Tips just to share with you a few tips that I love to use. Let me know what you think of this idea :)?

Boots currently have 3 for 2 across Beauty. I went instore today knowing I wanted to get a few things and was quite restrained for once! If you are picking up a few bits in the 3 for 2 then make sure you pay in the way where you will get the best items free!

For example I seperate my items into three's by price. Today I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, two Real Technique's brushes, two eyeliners and a lipstick. By grouping together the foundation and brushes and paying for them in one transaction I got one of the brushes for free! I then paud for the other three items and got an eyeliner for free. If you do it this way you will save much more money than paying all together and just getting the cheapest items free. It's easier to do this at a self service till but there is no reason why an assistant wouldn't let you do this at a till :)

Do you do this with offers? 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Review | John Frieda Frizz Ease Range

john frieda frizz ease
john frieda frizz ease shampoo conditioner
john frieda frizz ease smooth creme
john frieda straight smoothing creme

You probably know by now that my hair is a flat, frizzy and dry mess. When I was contacted on behalf ofJohn Frieda and offered these three products to review I was very excited to try these products to attempt to tame my hair. I was sent products from the Frizz Ease range, desgined to stop frizz and leave hair feeling sleek and straight.

The Straight Ahead Shampoo* is for sleeker and straight hair. The shampoo lathers really well and leaves my hair very clean. It gave my hair a bit more of a boost at the roots too, which is a huge bonus. 
The Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner* is for extra dry hair, it moisturises and blocks frizz. The conditioner is not too thick and easy to wash out. My hair feels very soft and hydrated after use. 
The last product was the one I was most excited to try as I have never used anything like it before, the Straight Fixation Smoothing Creme* helps create long lasting and silky-straight hair. The creme is lightweight and you rub a small amount into towel dried hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft and very smooth.

The packaging and smell of the range makes me feel like I'm in a professional salon. Considering the range is for smoothing and hydrating, I'm not left with heavy and weighed down hair. If I leave my hair to dry naturally then it's less frizzy than usual and the frizz turns into manageable waves, fairly good results. BUT if I take the time to properly blow dry and style my hair then I'm left with very soft and straight hair and I don't need to straighten my hair. I am now using the Frizz Ease products once a week for when I know I want straighter hair and need a moisture boost. I now really want to try the range for curl activating!

The products are all priced under £6 too, which for professional hair care is a bargain!
Have you tried anything from John Frieda?
*PR sample

Monday, 25 March 2013

Fancy Winning £100?

I am a rubbish saver. I go through stages where I don't spend money and am very good, then all of a sudden I end up blowing all my money on unnecessary things. I really want to get better though because everyone needs to having savings incase something goes wrong or for a rainy day!

Money Supermarket recently got in touch with me offering my blog readers the chance to win £100 in the simplest way ever! Money Supermarket are creating the 10 Commandments of saving and are looking for the best money saving tips from Ellie's Ramblings readers :)! 

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning £100 is email me your top money saving tip before Thursday the 28th of March to 

Email me as many top saving tips as you like with your email address and blog link if you have one.
I will then pick the top ten from the entries to create my own Commandments and put up a blog post linking everyone who's saving tip is mentioned.
Money Supermarket will then pick their 10 Commandments from all entries and if you are one of them then you will win £100. Simple stuff right :)!
Everyone has a chance to win and the more tips you email me the more chances you have!

Good luck!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Another one of those posts.

I just wanted to be another one of those people who asks you to follow them on Bloglovin. ;)
I'm feeling quite lonely over there at the moment so would really appreciate it if you followed Ellie's Ramblings through Bloglovin if you are a GFC follower (or if you are just reading this in general!)

My bloglovin link is 
 I will have eternal love for you if you follow me over there ;)
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I am still personally a GFC lover and will be til it dies, I was super chuffed to reach 900 followers last week and hope that people continue to use GFC as a way to follow blogs until we actually know what is happening. 

Please leave your bloglovin links below too so I can have a nosey and follow you back!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

OOTD | just can't wait to be king

jacket- topshop
scarf- pull&bear
jumper- forever21
jeans- asos

See how I manage to work Disney into my every day life? At first it's just a casual day outfit.  Then it's all Lion King madness. I blogged a month or so ago in an Instagram post saying how desperately I wanted this sweater from Forever 21 and I finally found it. I literally cried in the shop I was so happy. I'm still not getting any better at outfit pictures but it was so bloody cold outside today that I couldn't stand outside for more then a minute. Sorry!

Are you as Disney obsessed as me?

Friday, 15 March 2013

Meet My March Advertisers

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Hi lovelies, another Ellie here! I blog mainly about fashion but with some beauty and lifestyle thrown in. I’m an average girl in a small town but dreaming of a fashionable life in a big city. I am the definition of shopaholic, I’m addicted to eBay, I drink far too much tea and love to chat to new people and find new blogs. Pop on over and have a nose around at my little space. 
I'm Emma,23 and a Mummy to be. I have a passion for Shopping, Beauty & My Boyfriend. I love to include general life issues in my blog with glam stuff, make-up, looking and feeling good! Come have a mooch and see what you think. I'm sure you'll find something that will tug you into my world being 'Not Your Average'!
I started my blog to get involved with the community and meet some new faces. My blog is lifestyle and cooking focused, I hope to add in a bit of everything - you'll probably see beauty, fashion, craft & fitness posts popping up. I don't claim to be an expert, I enjoy writing, taking photos and sharing what's going on in my life. Pop over, have a read and let me know what you think
Hi, I'm Megan and I'm a student. My blog is mainly about beauty however I love to write about books, recipes and my life. As a student I'm always on the lookout for little bargains when I'm out shopping, (which is most of the time).
I'm a 19 year old beauty enthusiast whose obsessed with collecting and reviewing the latest make up and fashion 'must haves'. I regularly post about many different things on my blog such as make up looks, what I'm wearing, reviews, hauls and wishlists. I love hearing other peoples opinions on my posts and what everyone else is loving too.

Would you like to see your blog here next month?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Trend | Metallic Belts

1 2 3 4 5 6 
I have never been one who bothers much with accessorising outfits, but recently I have started to realise that a simple piece can make the same outfit look completely different, especially because I can sometimes wear very simple and plain outfits. I have seen the metallic belts trend around a lot more recently and really love it. It was seen on celebrities over the awards season and I am really keen to invest in a few belts, especially a rose gold one. Anything metallic makes a statement, and a belt is a great way to jazz up an outfit in a subtle way and bring a bit of sparkle. I am a magpie and love anything shiny! I have found six belts from different shops to show that I think there is a metallic belt for every outfit.  

What do you think about this trend? Are you an accessory lover? 
*A post written in collaboration with Veronica Stone

Monday, 11 March 2013

CLOSED- Mandara Spa Giveaway

\Who doesn't love a good pamper session? Mandara Spa in London is the place to go for a relaxing day, but you can't always go to the spa when you fancy treating yourself. I've never actually been to a spa! Mandara Spa have their own range of luxurious bath and bodycare products inspired by the natural ingredients and unique treatements that they use. Mandara Spa products are avaliable in Sainsburys at great prices so I really recommend giving some a try! 
There are five different collections of products and Mandara Spa are offering Ellie's Ramblings readers the chance to win a spa gift set collection in either Tropical Blooms or Amber Heaven.

There will be two winners. One winning the Tropical Blooms Collection and one winning the Amber Heaven collection. Each set contains a hand cream, shower gel, body scrub and body cream. A full on pamper set!

To enter please complete the Rafflecopter form below!
The giveaway ends on the 26th of March and is open internationally so anyone can enter :)
Good luck. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 8 March 2013

Haul | Primark March 2013

I may have made a trip into Primark and picked up a few bargains. I get cravings to go to Primark if I haven't been for a while! Please tell me you do too and I'm not on my own here! Now I am living back home I am working on trying to get my room organised and make it a bit cuter. I love this cute wooden white heart decoration for only £1.50. I'm getting ready for warm weather with these sandals, I really love them and they say they are made of leather, I think they are a bit steep for Primark at £12 but still a bargain. I can't go into Primark without looking at the jewellery, I will wear most of the pairs of earring from this £2.50 set so this was a fab buy for me. My last purchase was this mint green summer dress for £5. I bought this in a couple of colours last year and like the style of it. It is simple to throw on in warm weather, plus mint green is my favourite colour at the moment! Bring on the sunshine.

Have you picked up any bargains recently?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Review | Barry M Foundation White Creme

If your skin tone is anything like mine, (which for your sake I hope it isn't) then most of the time even the palest foundation is to orange for you. In the summer I can find a great match but in the winter I can really struggle. On one of my many (pretty much three times a week) trips to Superdrug I came across this absolute gem. Barry M stock a foundation that is completely white! Sounds scary right?

I am not pale enough that this shade matches my skin but if I mix it in with any other foundation I am able to make a shade that truly matches my skin tone. Most of my foundations at the moment are too orange for me because I really do not remember the last time I had a lot of sunlight. One pump of my foundation added with some of the Barry M Creme and I can mix together a shade suitable for the pale skin I have. It doesn't seem to affect the coverage or formula of the foundation either.

Barry M Creme Foundation costs £6.19 and can be found in larger drug stores.
Would this help you out with pale skin?

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Wishlist | Kurt Geiger

STOP. If you two have a shoe addiction then click away from this page. This could get dangerous.
I am a typical girl, I love shoes. All types of shoes. I am not really a huge fan of heels because in all honesty they are not comfy and I can't walk in them unless I am very drunk (not safe!) But I still lust over the and want to start a big collection. I have always admired Kurt Geiger from a far, especially when I worked on the accessories and shoe department from Debenhams, after browsing the website the other day I realised I had mentally created a list of shoes I reaaaaally wanted.

1- I love boots, they are essential and I wear them all year round. These black leather buckle boots are classic and would be easy to style. I like the slight heel too that make them a bit more feminine. 
2- These might be slightly tacky but they put a smile on my face! Sparkly flats would add a touch of glamour to even the most boring outfit, sometimes I need that with my day to day outfits. 
3- Classic black heels are worth the investment. These black platform courts are very high but so lovely too look at it. Worth the money for the prettiness right?
4- I think these black strap wedges are so cute. I love the heart detailing, they would be perfect for a Valentines date, not that I have one!
5- Another classic is the black shoe boot. I think these are timeless and are usually much more comfortable than regular high heels.
6- I love these tan leather aztec cowboy boots. They are casual but different with the fabric detail that makes them really unique and fun in my opinion. 
7- Another obsession of mine is rose gold. This pair of nude toe cap flats are right up my street. They are quite smart but would probably go with everything!
8- Studs, I love them, I hope the trend stays for a very long time. I love these suede studded cowboy boots, they would look great in summer with shorts or floral dresses. 

The one problem with Kurt Geiger for a student like me is the cost! I know quality is worth the price but I feel like it may hurt a bit having a lot of money taken from me for one thing. (hypocritical as I bought an iPad Mini) I can't justify the amount on one pair of shoes but with the 25% off code from netvouchercodes I really am tempted and my lusting is growing. 
Which pair of shoes would you go for from my lust list?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Justin Bieber Related Rant.

Update- since originally writing this Bieber has got even more idiotic, google him. It will provide a lot of amusement/rage. 

*WARNING* Justin Bieber related dislike mentioned in this blog post.

Before I rant I want to make it clear that I love my job and these are all my own views and opinions. I love the atmosphere on event days and working with the public.

I've never been a Bieber fan but no matter what's on I have fun because it's the audience that make it fun. Bieber was a big day at work. We started early in the morning on the first day London before the doors opened at 6.30pm. Bieber was due on at 8.30pm. I had a nonstop day but the crowd was full of young girls who were so excited, I think I actually started to catch Bieber fever!

I even wore the 'Swaggy' hat all day! 

To cut a long story short it got to 10pm and Bieber was still a no show. There was no reason given to the public, but his crew made it clear to us why he wasn't on stage and wouldn't be til he was ready or was dragged by management.. Nobody had a clue what was going on, it had been hours since the support acts, the audience were past the point of patient, there was a LOT of booing, Michael Jackson songs kept being played, it was complete madness. I found it stressful having to try to help parents and sobbing kids, people were leaving because of how late it was. 

10.20pm-lights went down, cue deafening screams, this time it was a 10 minute countdown that came on screen. 10.35pm-Bieber came on, here was a lot of empty seats. I watched him fly on with a pair of wings and stupid sunglasses then walked out, I found the whole thing awful. I tried to explain to parents waiting when to be honest I'd no idea. There was nothing said by Bieber, no apology, just 'Lets Rock This London'. 

I imagine the show was entertaining, the original set was 1 hour 45 min and I think he did about an hour, cutting most of his popular songs. Artists can play til 11pm before being fined every minute they go over  All the money paid and the audience would've not seen much. However I'm sure the 'Beliebers' loved it. (Cheapest ticket £50, 30 second meet&greet over £300).

I spent time talking to members of the tour crew. I won't repeat exactly what was said as I don't want to be done for slander, but it is was made very obvious that he has no respect. Crew are not treated well, they have been abused by him and he has a horrid attitude to everyone. I think if any other person treated people the way he supposedly has they would get in a lot of trouble.

Bieber is a role model and idol for so many people. They are obsessed with him. Remember the #cut4bieber trend? It can be worrying how much they idolise him and see him almost as a God. I was so disappointed by his lack of respect for the crew, staff and audience. I can't believe there was no apology and am fuming for people who spent a huge amount of money to see him as I've been told he will be late every night of his tour.

In my opinion if you're a role model then you should act like one. I know he is young but press recently shows him doing drugs, getting kicked out of nightclubs with underage friends, etc. We had people refunding tickets because they didn't want their child seeing someone like this. People like him and Rihanna anger me. There are so many talented people that would do anything to be in their position and they completely abuse it. Young people are easily influenced, the idea of them thinking this behavior and attitude is normal isn't right.

Being famous must be difficult in many ways, but don't be an idiot about it. Having a ridiculous amount of money does not give somebody the right to treat others that badly, I'd love to know why Bieber felt it was alright to leave 20,000 people waiting for 2 hours. I hope I never have to experience so many upset children and disappointed fans again.

If I could say anything to Bieber I would tell him to respect  the people who got him where he is today, without the fans, staff and people like me who work tirelessly to run his gigs. He is just another human. He doesn't have the right to have the attitude he does. His PR team have done brilliantly creating the 'Belieber' idea and making sure he RT's the right things, but that doesn't stop people seeing the real him. His millions doesn't make him better than anyone else. I hope he realises how awful his attitude isand wises up. An arrogant teenager can only get away with things for so long. It's so easy to be replaced these days. 

Justin Bieber you are just a 19 year old whose world could be the complete opposite tomorrow if you don't start showing some respect and genuine care for your fans and people who work for and around you. I'll be honest I do not get the Bieber obsession but for the sake of the fans who would do anything for him, I hope he sorts himself out. I'd also like to point out there where NO technical difficulties and there were only two scheduled support acts, Bieber was due on at 8.30pm and rolled up at 10.25pm.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Review | Barry M Textured Nail Polish

Every couple of months there seems to be a new nail trend popping up and Barry M are always the first to bring it to the high street, I remember how excited I was the first time I tried the crackle nail polish! Textured nail polish is a trend that is getting very popular with effects like leather, concrete and feather being created.

The Barry M Textured Polishes recently came out in a range of pastel colours. I picked up Kingsland Road and Ridley Road. I was drawn to the pink and mint green, which is my current colour obsession. They need at least two coats and dry to a matte gritty finish. It's like you've mixed sand and paint together! I like the finish and think its very unique and makes a great change to a normal nail polish. It does make your nails feel rough and takes a little while to dry to the textured finish but it is different and lasts well with a base coat. 

My only problem with this is that if I get make up or something or the nail it can be difficult to clean it off, might just be me but let me know if you have tried them and think the same!
Are you a fan of the latest nail texture trends?

Barry M Textured Polishes cost £3.99 each from Boots or Superdrug

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