Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Review | Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Setting sprays are a make up product that I think can be a game changer. If you work long hours like me or just have trouble with make up staying in place then a setting spray may work wonders for you. If I spend time on my make up then I want it to last a long as I need it too, especially if I am doing something special.

Urban Decay have joined with Skindinavia, a brand known for their setting sprays, to create All Nighter. An oil and paraben free formula which also has temperature control technology. The formula is a weightless mist that you spritz onto your finished make up in an X and T formation, it claims to protect your make up from the elements that might affect it during the day like wind, rain and heat. I love the simple and sleek bottle. 

I put All Nighter to the test on a 12hour shift at work. My shifts include standing in really cold temperatures for ages, then walking up and down lots of stairs inside the arena, so I think this was a good test! When you apply this you barely notice it because it is so light weight. It's gentle and refreshing too apply.

This definitely works and lives up to the claims. After a long shift my make up still looks exactly the same as it did at the start and there was no need for retouching. Impressive stuff! If the weather has been really awful then I might need to sort out a bit of shine but considering what I would usually need to do this is a huge improvement. 

In my opinion this is an investment if you need something extra for days you need your make up to last longer. I will be purchasing a bottle when mine runs out, although I think its set to last a very long time!

Urban Decay All Nighter* costs £19.50 from lookfantastic
Have you ever used a setting spray?

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  1. Seems like such a good product! I think I might have to invest in this! X


    1. It's great if you need help making make up last!x

  2. Sounds great! I absolutely love the packaging! And the idea that it has temperature control, I really want to try it out! I'd be interested to see if it was very much better than the normal skindinavia spray, because they're a hit cheaper than this..
    Eleanor x

    1. Definitely worth it, was surprised with how well it works. x

  3. I've been wanting this for ages after testing it in store! The spray is so fine and refreshing x

  4. I seriously need this in my life!

    Lola | LolaStarHearts.com xx

  5. Although it has an expensive price tag may have to try! I have also found hairspray works well - I get a shiny face at work and foundation just seems to sweat off!

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    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

  6. I am thinking of buying this one, because when I apply makeup, it always fade away in a couple of hours from my nose and it looks weird then.

    1. Definitely sounds like it would work for you!xx


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