Thursday, 14 February 2013

Review | Skinetica

I tend to be fairly lucky on the skin front with spots and do not get them that frequently. However when I do I tend to get a cluster of them that form together and take a while to budge,  usually brought on my hormones or stress. It's a vicious cycle because the stress of having spots causes more spots and they become really difficult to get rid of. When Skinetica asked if I wanted to try out their anti blemish lotion I was going through a break out and was so excited to try this skin clearing product. 

Skinetica is packaged in a clinical looking white 100ml bottle. I like the basic packaging as it is to the point and states what it is does, hot to use it and the ingredients. It is small enough to travel with as well, which is always a plus. To apply Skinetica you flip up the lid, soak a cotton pad and wipe it across your face. Skinetica is effective for 12 hours so applying this in the morning and evening would be most effective. I apply the lotion after I have cleansed my skin, I then leave it to dry, which only takes a couple of seconds, and then I apply a moisturiser as the alcohol can make my skin quite dry. 

The only ingredients in Skinetica are Purified Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Fragrance and Quaternary Ammonium Chloride. I was glad to see minimal ingredients and nothing harmful to skin included. The lotion is a clear liquid that has a fresh scent that isn't too strong and does not linger.

So does it work? For me it has worked wonders! I don't think this prevents spots but it definitely calms and clears them once they have appeared. Because of this I have only been using Skinetica when I have noticed spots appearing, I think if I used it daily it might not be as effective. After applying this any redness disappears within a few hours and overall spots disappear a lot quicker than they would do without it. It also leaves my skin feeling free of any last bit of dirt or oil. I would definitely recommend using a moisturiser after because the ingredients can make my skin feel dry. 

Skinetica* costs £9.99 which includes postage but discounts are available if you bulk buy. Something I will definitely be doing once my bottle runs out. 
*PR Sample


  1. Thanks for this post. I have tried so many things to get rid of my acne or at least improve it a little bit but I've not tried this yet but after reading this i think i might invest in a bottle

  2. thanks for the review, i have problem skin and am always looking for new skincare :D will definitely be looking into this :D

  3. This looks great, I'm not wearing much skin make-up at the moment so I'd love to tris this!

    Great post.
    Jade xx

    1. I wish I could get away without the make up sometimes! Xx

  4. I have a little sample of this somewhere in my bedroom, I definitely need to dig it out! Lovely review x

  5. Great post Ellie...and if you like knowing what's in your lotions and potions, you might like our blog :)

  6. i've seen a few posts about this recently... i must admit i had never heard of it! xx


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