Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Meet my January Advertisers

Hi lovelies,

It's the first month of 2013, oh how quickly it has come round. It is time for me to introduce you too my January advertisers!
Whispers From Angels

I am Alessia, a 27 year old beauty/fashion blogger! I also make youtube videos at my channel bellessiaangels! I love beauty, fashion and anything pretty. Not good for my bank balance! I am also a mummy and work too, so am a very busy bee! I love meeting new people so come and say hi! 

I have been following Alessia on Twitter for a while and she is genuinely lovely, I adore her Youtube videos because she is so natural and easy to watch! I loved her Fifty Shades of Colour eyeshadow series, if you do not know what I am on about then go and have a look because it will inspire you to be more creative with your eye make up and give you serious make up envy!


*Yorkshire Pud - Urban Street to Vintage Chic - Lifestyle Blog*

Hey everyone! I'm Emma, yorkshire Pud should be my real name! Since I was a young its been my nickname possibly because I was always a bit tubby, daft and I've got a real strong Yorkshire accent, it fits - and who doesn't love a Yorkshire pudding on a Sunday? I would call myself a lifestyle blogger as that covers everything and that's exactly what my blog is about. I'm a vintage girl at heart with a passion for anything shabby chic from fashion, home, nails and crafts which i love to share with the world and there's always some thriftyness thrown in for good measure! My online boutique opens in the next week which is exciting! 

I love the fact that Emma is also a Cath Kidston fanatic like me! I love the Winter Challenge posts and updates, it has inspired me to think of things that I want to achieve myself both personally and with my blog! I love how she has updated us when she has completed something. 


Hiya, i'm Lizzo. I'm just your average girl who loves anything beauty & fashion related! I'm pretty new to all this blogging malarky, but I sure do love it :) The best thing about blogging is the satisfaction you get when you finally perfect a post and hit 'publish'! Over at my blog you'll mostly find reviews on products, items I've nabbed from the sales, & i'm hoping to start doing more shopping hauls :) Hopefully see you there soon!

Hiya everyone, I'm Charlotte from J'adore, which is a beauty and lifestyle blog, with a little bit of fashion popping up here and there! I'm just an average unorganised, A Level studying, 17 year old student with a slight obsession for buying and trying make-up. I would love for you to come take a look at my blog and have a chat!

Go and check all of these lovely ladies out, they all have great blogs!
If you would like to advertise your blog on Ellie's Ramblings then click here for more information and 50% off all bookings made before the 31st of January.

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