Thursday, 4 October 2012

Review | Essie Muchi Muchi

Hi lovelies!

The other week I discovered by browsing on Fragrance Direct that they were selling Essie polishes for £1.99 each. I have never tried an Essie polish before and was not going to spend over £6 to buy them, so I may have accidently purchased 10 bottles, I am a sucker for a hyped up product.

Some of the polishes from Fragrance Direct website have the thinner brush and some have the thicker brush. I do not know much about Essie but from what I have heard the range sold in UK drugstores is a diffusion line, so some of the polishes I have bought come from that, which is why there is a difference in the brush size. I love the bottles, they look so cute lined up together.

This brush is thick and easy to cover the whole nail in two strokes. I found the formula to be slightly streaky and not as opaque as I wanted, but after applying three coats and a top coat it was fine. Muchi Muchi is a light pastel pink that is very creamy!

It lasted pretty well considering I have been at work and packing up my room. It started to chip after the third day, but that is usually the time I want to change the colour anyway. I love the creamy colour and shiny finish. It is elegant and flattering even on my pale skin tone. I was impressed with the wear, especially considering I had three coats on, however it was fairly streaky and I would have been disappointed if I had paid full price for it.

Have you tried any of the Essie range?

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  1. I love this colour! I hate how expensive Essie is in Boots though, so I usually get mine from Tk Maxx :)

  2. I got this one too, it is a bit streaky- would have been miffed if I'd coughed up £7 or however much they cost! I do feel more 'polished' wearing it though :)

  3. I love this colour. I picked this up too! Sophie at Sophie Rose x

  4. it looks lovely on you, such a nice pink tone! I've just gone on fragrance direct and bought myself one! :D
    Eleanor x

  5. The shade really is lovely but I agree, the polishes are overpriced! I own two shades from their poppirazzi collection and I do think there are better quality ones on the market xx

  6. Such a pretty and delicate shade! X

  7. such a shame about the poor application because its such a lovely colour! xo


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