Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Choosing a Handbag

How To Choose Your Handbag

The humble handbag is seen as a girl’s best friend and it is often the one by her side on every imaginable occasion. Whether you choose a quirky, over-the-top design or a low-key, sophisticated style, a handbag is a must-have for any fashionista.

From chic clutches and sparkly shoulder bags to leather hobos and oversized arm candy, there is certainly a handbag style for everyone.

But if their bag is a woman’s ultimate fashion accessory, it is important to choose wisely. Many women feel that clutching at the right handbag will give them instant fashion status and they are not far wrong. This is possibly why handbags appear as the best selling accessory year after year.

Size Matters

The expensive designer handbag has become a must-have accessory for the career woman, the working mum, the single lady and the wife. Those that possess both a busy social and working life may wish to invest in a larger handbag as this will house every item needed to take them from day to night.

When choosing a new handbag, it is important to shop wisely. Take your time and ask yourself exactly what it is you want from the item in question. Handbags come in a wide range of styles and each one tends to suit a different individual.

If you are the type of girl that carries around enough baggage to weigh down a small donkey, then you will need to invest in something that boasts substantial size. However, if you just need to house your keys, lipstick, a few credit cards and your phone, then something smaller will be the obvious choice.

Likewise, if you use public transport or if you intend to walk for miles, then you might go for a compact bag. After all, there is only so much your shoulder can take!

Style Choices

Classic styles come in the shape of timeless options which often appear in soft, buttery leathers and subtle hues. There is however always room for a one-off piece in the wardrobe. Such a number will be suited to special occasions and as such, should make a statement.

This season’s bag designs are showcasing a series of styles, some of which come in the shape of glitterati clutches, zip shoulder bags, cross body bags in soft leathers, patent leather shoppers and cutesy messenger bags. Whatever your style, make sure it is made of high quality materials that will last to ensure you get value for money.


  1. I'm not a handbag person (amazingly) I forget about them so I just carry a clutch or wallet with a lead on it. :3 There are still very cute options for though those and I've even heard you can make a clutch easily. I wish I knew how O.o that would be so fun!

    I do prefer the classic styles— as you said, they are timeless :3


  2. Great post, really interesting!



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