Thursday, 13 September 2012

Review | TOWIE Love Addict and Platinum VIP

Hi lovelies!

At the end of July I attended the TOWIE Beauty and Fragrance Event in London, which you can read about here. Being an Essex girl myself I had a great time and was very gratedful to receive samples of the latest fragrances that TOWIE Beauty have released. I really loved the scent of Dazzle, the previous female fragrance, it was sweet with a hint of vanilla so right up my street!

Love Addict* is the new female fragrance fronted by Sam Faiers, who helped to put together the scent and design. I do actually quite like the bottle of the perfume, it is very fun and feminine. It does look slightly cheap, but to be fair you are paying a great deal less than you would for other brands so it is not a problem. The actual scent is completely different to what you would expect and very different from the Dazzle fragrance.

Satisfy your obsession with LOVE ADDICT, a sexy and seductive new female fragrance to attract and ignite that love addiction! This fragrance has a woody oriental accord opening with notes of lemon anise and raisin on a floral heart to keep the passion alive! 100% TOWIE LOVE!

When I first sprayed this I really did not like it, I found it quite strong and very woody. I let it settle and my mind changed. It is completely different to the sweet scents I love, but it is actually really lovely. It is not overpowering and has notes of raisin and lemon that are noticeable. It is very long lasting too!

Platinum VIP* is the male fragrance, fronted by Arg who was also involved in creating the scent and bottle.
This bottle was incredibly difficult to photograph because of it being completely mirrored! I like the bottle, it is fun and compact, so would be great for men to travel with. 

Being a Platinum VIP is all about making sure you are part of the exciting, exclusive and trendy lifestyle! Make sure you are part of this with Platinum VIP fragrance. A fruity oriental accord opening with bright citrus accords of lemon, ozone, mandarin, pepper and cardamom perfect for any night out!

I have no idea what half of the notes are from the description. I am not clued up on male fragrances, I like anything from the Topman own branded fragrance to Chanel for men. I really like the scent of Platinum VIP! It seems to be aimed at the younger male, but I have tested it on all different ages and everyone has said they would wear it. It does have a slightly fruity scent, but it is balanced out by the other notes of pepper.

You can pick up Love Addict here and Platinum VIP here for less than £20 for 100ml, a great bargain!
TOWIE Beauty also has a range of cosmetics and accessories coming out, which I really hope I am able to get my hands on, because from what I saw at the event it all looked really promising!

Would you try a fragrance by TOWIE Beauty?

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  1. Your blog is beautiful! Those perfumes sound like the smell amazing.. I would absoloutly try them!

    Please follow my blog? I've followed yours :)

    1. Thank you, I will go check out your blog now :) xx

  2. Great Post:) I've tried this fragrance but I'm still undecided if I like it or not xx

    1. I think it depends where I am going if I will wear it!x


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