Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Haul | Topshop Sale August 2012

Hey lovelies,

I am a lover of a bargain, as is everyone. But I do find it difficult to rummage through sales in some of my favourite shops if it is messy or overcrowded. However I always rummage through jewellery sales as you can always gurantee some good finds. I rarely buy jewellery from Topshop at full price as it can be a bit pricey for what it is.

I work at a Debenhams with a Topshop concession in. This means I am lucky enough to get staff discount off my purchases. I also can get first look at some things that are going in sale.

I never used to wear necklaces but have recently accumulated quite a few. I had my eye on this necklace when I first saw it in store at Topshop but thought that £12.50 was a lot for a necklace. When I saw it at £3.50 I picked it up straight away. I thought it may be heavy to wear but it isn't and can be worn at different lengths. I am really loving pastels, skulls and crosses at the moment so this was a great find!

Continuing with my pastel and skull love, I have also wanted this bracelet for a while! They had a few of these in the Topshop concession and I have recently seen it in Dorothy Perkins too. It was reduced from £7.50 to £3.50. It goes with everything and I really love it.

I was a bit unsure about this white and gold spike bracelet. It is a bit diferent to what I usually wear. I bought it anyway as It was reduced from £7.50 to £2.50 and I like studded things! I have worn it a few times and am growing to really like it. 

Lastly, I have wanted this Peace pink tie bracelet for a long time and almost bought it when I first saw it, however I am so glad I did not as £5 would have been a lot to spend when I found it for £1.50. I really like it as you may know I have an obsession with the peace sign and the general peace concept. You pull the two gold ties to secure the bracelet but it does easily loosen and means I am forever tightening it, which is not easy.

Overall I got some fab bargains, considering I got 25% off everything too, I think I ended up paying about £7 for items that should have cost around £40!
Have you found any sale bargains recently?

My giveaway ends at midnight tonight!!


  1. I love the spied bracelet with the stones, I may have to go into Topshop now! (: I've tagged you in a post: xx

  2. love all your jewellery - i was going to buy some of that myslef but I was restricted :) aha great post as always x xx

  3. love the scull bracelet so much! x x x


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