Sunday, 12 August 2012

Review | MUA Matte Foundation

Hello lovelies!

I have been intreiged by this MUA offering for a while now, mostly because I have had pretty much all brilliant experiences with the products from their range, and a foundation for £2 is worth a try!
I did not need this foundation as I am really happy with currently using Rimmel Wake Me Up and Bourjois 123 Perfect depending on what my skin is looking like on the day.

I quite like the packaging of the MUA Matte Foundation. It is the first foundation I have ever owned that comes in a squeezy tube. I find it fairly easy to get the product out of the tube, but a lot can come out quite quickly if I am heavy handed! It is also compact enough to travel with daily, something that the heavier bottles of other foundations I have are not really suitable for.

MUA Matte Foundation is said to have a  "velvet smooth long-lasting finish, a creamy texture that blends beautifully for that perfect velvet finish and long-lasting matte complexion"
Personally I have never tried a matte finish foundation, and have always preferred a more natural looking finish, but I was still interested and really up for giving this a go.

When in Superdrug they only had this one shade available to purchase- Shade 1 Soft Sand. There are only three different shades, so it may be quit difficult to match yourself up to a foundation. I, as always, picked up the palest one. MUA Matte Foundation has quite a thick consistency but it does feel surprisingly light when blended into my skin.

The shade is actually a fairly good match for my skin tone. I have pale skin but redness in my face, so the yellow tones in this foundation do help to balance that out quite a bit! It is not orange and if I use my trusty Real Techniques Buffing Brush I can get a good medium coverage after spending a couple of minutes buffing. I always moisturise before applying foundation and this does not cling to any dry patches, which is great as that is never a good look! 

It lasted about 6 hours before I noticed shine and dry patches coming through, this could probably be extended using a primer. It was not as 'matte' as I expected it to be, but is definitely has a much more matte finish to Wake Me Up and 123 Perfect. I think for a cheap everyday foundation this is great as long as you moisturise and set with powder after!

MUA have done it again and you can pick up the Matte Professional Foundation in Superdrug or online here for a bargain of £2. Have you tried the MUA Matte Foundation?


  1. WOW what a great price :) I think I might have a look for this :)

  2. I've looked at this quite a bit but always thought it must be crapola at that price!xx
    Samantha's Secret

  3. Good review, think I'll pick one of those up next time I go shopping :)

  4. great review, thanks! i'm loving trying new bb creams so will look out for it next time im in superdrug!
    nicola xxx

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