Sunday, 5 August 2012

Review | LUSH Space Girl Ballistic

Hi lovelies!

I ventured into LUSH for the first time last week. I have always been a nervous of going into LUSH as I don't like feeling pressured into buying anything or have awkward conversations with the sales assistants. My first shop in LUSH was an interesting one! I was in the shop for about 45 minutes whilst the man showed me pretty much everthing LUSH has for sale. I must say my hand felt very soft and smelt lovely when I left. 

I really wanted to try a Bath Ballistic and was in awe looking at them all for ages. Being the cheap skate I am I picked one of the cheapest ones, I did think some of them were a bit pricey for a one use product. I was sold by the sparkly glitter and the promise of popping candy so picked up Space Girl.

Space Girl is a purple bath ballistic in the shape of a flying saucer or a planet. I am rubbish at describing scents but this has a floral smell with hints of vanilla. The main ingredients are bergamot oil, grapefruit oil and almond oil. The fragrance is light and not overpowering. 

I love baths, I prefer them to standing in a shower. I like to wade away in hot water for hours with a book or mag. I knew I was going to love my bathtime with this bath bomb. Look at all the pretty glitter! To be honest I would have liked there to be more glitter but there were sparkles of all different colours. I was so excited to try this and wanted to jump straight home and get in the bath.

I popped this in my bath when it was full of water and it started fizzing away instantly. The water started turning a lovely deep purple colour. As promised by the sales assistant there was a loud popping candy sound. I have read reviews saying that the popping candy noise can only be heard if you put your head under water, well this Space Girl was a loud one. It popped and crackled away for a good two minutes whilst the ballistic whizzed around the water. The glittery bits did float in the water but I had to look hard to notice them and they did not transfer onto my skin.

I loved the Space Girl bath bomb, it was good fun and left my skin smelling sweet for the next day. I felt more relaxed and calmer after using this too. I will buy this again but want to delve into other ballistics a bit more first. 

Space Girl retails for about £1.95 and can be bought in store or online here.
Have you tried any of the LUSH bath ballistics?


  1. i love space girl! hehe i am a huge Lush fan :), space girl is soo cute! xxx

  2. This is probably the Lush bath bomb I repurchase the most! xo

    1. It's my first one but I'll definitely repurchase it!xx

  3. Hi, I love reading your blog, and I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) the rules and details are on my blog :)

  4. Bought this one today as I couldn't choose (they all smell so nice!) and your review of it was lovely!

    Kelsey x

  5. Looks like a great bomb!
    ps. Love your blog I'd love if we'd start following each other :)

  6. I've tried almost all their ballistics but never this one, not sure why! If you're after more glitter you should definitely try the Sunnyside bubble bar :) xx

    1. Really should try this one! I will be getting that one next. Love glitter! Xx


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