Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review | Technic Nail Varnish in Carnival

Bonjour lovelies!

I have been eyeing up this Technic nail varnish in Carnival for ages. It has done it's rounds in the blog world and I am sure you all have seen it before. I just had to have it. It is sold in a shop called Bodycare. I have never seen a Bodycare near me or know of one near by so I had to go on the eBay hunt for this.

It is an obvious dupe for the OPI Rainbow Connection, which I do not own so cannot compare.
It has lots of brightly coloured glitter particles of different sizes, which are very sparkly and fun.

The brush is an average size and applies fairly well. It is very dense with glitter and you do have to try quite hard to apply an even amount. It takes a while to dry, annoying if you are impatient as me. It can dry quite gloopy too depending on how many coats you apply.

Overall I think it is fab for a cheap polish and I think I am going to get a lot of use out of it.
I do not like it over the orange varnish, but I was too impatient and wanted to try it out straight away.
I purchased the Technic Nail Varnish on eBay here. I paid about £2.50, which I think is a fairly good price compared to the hefty cost of OPI's Rainbow Connection. If you live near a Bodycare go and get this as I think it retails for 99p!!

Have you got the Carnival polish?


  1. I also found a copy of this in Poundland, it's Poundlands own brand 'Chit Chat' but I think they're made by the same company. Really does take ages to try and smells pretty strong too! Still pretty though :)

    1. It probably is the same! I will have a look in my local Poundland. Thanks for the tip :) xx

  2. i cant believe i dont own any glittery nail polishes yet...this looks loveeellllyyy!
    nicola xxx

    1. Definitely worth the try for your first glitter polish!xx

  3. Ooh this looks amazing!

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  4. Looks like a great product! It looks like a really nice dupe for Rainbow Connection!

  5. Looks really nice! glittery nails are my fav :) xo

  6. I just got this delivered from eBay today, love it, weirdly also love the smell!x


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