Monday, 23 July 2012

Haul | Primark July 2012

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are getting some sun wherever you are! In London it has been gorgeous over the past few days and I am hoping it stays this way for my birthday on the 26th! 
I have a long overdue Primark haul for you with bits I have bought in the past month. Some of them I took on holiday to Turkey with me and others are just necessities I wanted.

Dress £10
I bought this dress after lusting over the Peplum trend for a while now. It is a very tight material so I had to get it in a size bigger as it made me feel claustrophobic getting in and out of it and I thought I was going to have ask someone to lift it over my head for me! 
(is it just me who is scared of getting stuck in a dress?)
I intend to wear this on a night out next week to celebrate turning 18! It is very flattering and covers my huge hips quite well. I was actually very pleased with this for a tenner.

Skirt £10
I picked up this dip hem skirt before I went on holiday but they still have it in store in different prints and colours. I was not overly keen on the dip hem trend but have grown to love it, and I think this skirt is a really cute and feminine way to wear the trend. It comes with a belt too and I wear it on the waist.

Dress £6
I am sure you have all seen this dress now as everyone seems to have it. It comes in pretty much every colour possible. I originally wanted the pink one and the white one, however they only had navy. 
It has cut out flower detailing at the top and a key hole cut out back. It has ties to do up at the back as well. I wore this over bikinis on holiday. I do like this and it did great for a cover up when I was away. It is quite short and revealing so I am not sure if I would wear it out now I am home, and I do think it looks slightly cheap. :(

Dress £5
I picked up this dress in the holiday section of Primark, it is intended to be worn as a beach cover up.
 I actually wore it out at night though as I thought it was so lovely. It has a cute Cath Kidston style print (why I love it) and has nice detailing at the top. It was slightly too big for me round the waist but I safety pinned it and it looked really great.

Bag £5
I needed a neutral coloured bag that I could use in the evenings of Summer as all my other smaller bags are black. This bag is a soft pink nude colour that goes well with everything. I love the Chanel quilted pocket and chain. It is a soft material and has lots of room inside so it was great for holiday and will be good for some hopefully sunny summer nights.

Shoes £1.50
I picked up these plaited nude sandals to wear whilst away. They are cheep and cute and did the job!

Rollers £2 and £1
I have wanted to try rollers for a while and spotted these velcro rollers last week whilst in the jewellery and make up section of Primark. The large pink ones were £2 and the smaller black ones were £1. I have not tried them out yet but am quite excited to give them a go.

Eyelashes £1
Socks £2.50
More essentials that I needed. I have heard good things about Primark eyelashes so I am hoping they live up to my expectations. Cute socks, that is all :).

Hair Turban £1.50
I  have been meaning to pick one of these up for a while now. Obviously they are a cheap towel material so will probably not do much to dry my hair, but I will use it when I have got a hair mask on to keep the heat in.

Hair Bands £1
Hair Grips £1
Primark hair bands are good as they do not have a metal bit on them that can pull and damage the hair, and they are so cheap that it does not matter if you loose them as I always do.

Have you picked up any bargains in Primark lately?


  1. Have a lovely 18th, Ellie! x

  2. Love that peplum dress, I've got huge hips as well so maybe I should have a cheeky trip to Primark ;) sure it'll look lovely for your 18th, have a good time :)

    Also the eyelashes are really good, but the glue isn't great so if you've got another glue (like eyelure) then that'll probably work better.

    1. It's a really flattering style! And they have it in many colours. I've got some eyelure glue so hopefully they'll work well! Xxx

  3. Love everything you got, especially the peplum dress and cute socks! :) xx

  4. I love that first dress it's lovely! And the flowery dress, might get it for my holiday xo

    1. There are some great things in there for holidays! Xx

  5. That first dress is adorable! Hope you have a great birthday, and i hope the sun stays out :) If you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  6. oooh some lovely purchases - i love the summery dresses :) hope you had a great birthday! nicola xxx


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