Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Haul | Poundland July 2012

Hi lovelies!

After seeing reports of Stila items in Poundland I rushed down there yesterday and began hunting.
I have never properly looked in Poundland before, I find it a bit daunting and hot, with too many people.
I persevered though and was very impressed with my findings!

I did find some Stila products! It is obviously old stock and the packaging is different to the one available to buy now but I am definitely not complaining. I picked up a Whitening Powder Foundation Refill, a Jade Blossom Hair Refresher and Oil-Free SPF30 Tinted Moisturiser. They only had one shade in the moisturiser, which was medium. It will probably be too dark for my pale skin but I wanted to try it anyway.
I have never tried anything from Stila as it is a bit pricey but I am excited to give all this a go! 

I bought a Clearasil Overnight Serum and a Clearasil Overnight Lotion. These two are both from the old packaging as Clearasil have recently revamped their logos and designs. I don't think these products are available to buy anymore either. I do not really get spots but I will use the serum nightly before my moisturiser to prevent them in-case and the lotion if I do have any to help budge them.

I also picked up two packs of exfoliating make up wipes for a £1 and some nail polish removed pads. 
I also use make up wipes to remove the bulk of my make up before I cleanse. I hate the feel of cotton wool so the less time I have to spend using it the better! This is why I picked up the nail polish pads.

Overall I am very impressed with the bargains from Poundland. I spent £7 and have a lot of new products to try. If anyone would like to request a review or more information for anything mentioned I will be happy to review things for you.
Have you seen the Stila products in Poundland or found any other bargains?

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  1. Wow that's really good, Stila is too expensive for me as well so I'll be heading to Poundland on my shopping trip tomorrow :)
    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I need to get myself down to poundland! You got some great stuff! Especially Stila?! Oh gosh. x


  3. becareful with the clearasil stuff. if you don't get spots, there is no point as it makes your skin dependant, when you run out they may start up. something similar happened to me and now I am 22 with terrible skin!


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