Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Review | MUA Undressed Palette

Hi lovelies!

I am a complete MUA addict, I have tried lots of their products and have been so impressed with the quality for the cheap prices. The Heaven and Earth Palette, Eye Contour Pen and Every Lash Mascara are three of my favourite products from MUA.

I was so excited for one of MUA's latest releases, the Undressed Palette. It is an obvious rival/dupe to the Urban Decay Naked Palette, (naked-undressed, sheer brilliance).
 I personally cannot comment on the likenesses or differences between the two as I really cannot justify spending £36 on an eyeshadow palette. So you can imagine my joy when I heard about this offering from MUA.

The packaging is the standard black casing from MUA, which I really do love. It looks professional and like it costs much more than what it does. I like the way the shadows are laid out, but I Admit I do prefer the square eye shadow cases that are used in the Olympic themed Going for Gold Palette.

The 'Undressed' palette is full of easy-to-wear neutrals, but it has a wider variety of colours ranging from  metallic navy to shimmering gold. There are 12 different shades in the palette. There are 10 gorgeous shimmer shades and 2 matte finish shades. It does come with a double ended sponge applicator brush, which is okay for applying a base colour but does not work for blending and more detailed application.

The shadows are beautiful colours and packed full of shimmer, there is so many possibilities with this palette. You can create soft day time looks with the pinks and rose golds, or more dramatic night time smoky eye's with the darker navy. I was worried it may be to similar to the Heaven and Earth Palette, but when you swatch the shades there are so many differences.

Top Row

Bottom Row

This is just one swatch for each shade. The shades are very pigmented and full of shimmer, whilst also being easily blendable. They feel very creamy and not drying on skin like other cheaper eye shadows. I find the shadows easy to apply, but better if you do not use the brush that comes with the palette. They last about seven hours on me before fading but with an eye primer they would easily last all day.

The price of this palette is £4 and is avaliable in Superdrug and online at the MUA store here
Amazing I know!
Have you got your hands on the Undressed Palette yet?


  1. I wish I hadnt caved in and bought the naked2! This looks just as good and for a fraction of the price! Great post:)

  2. To Hollie: Luckily its a dupe for the original Naked palette and not the naked2!

    I'm loving this palette too!


  3. Yeah nice palette.....used to wear these type of colours all the time...but since becoming a red head im rocking the greens alot at the moment!!


    1. I wish my hair was red again!xxx

    2. Me too! I recently dyed mine brown, the ombre kits really did a number on it >.< love your hair colour toxycat!


  4. i reallllly want to get this palette! such an amazing dupe for the naked palette, so glad i didnt splash out £30+ for that!
    nicola xxx

  5. This looks so lovely! I've been wanting to get heaven and earth for a while, and now I think I might pick up this one too. MUA are brilliant for the price.



    1. Get both of them! They are both brilliant for the prices :)

  6. Thanks for the review! I've lusted after the naked palette for so long now, it's great to see a cheaper alternative.



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