Sunday, 15 July 2012

Review | Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Ceramic Blue

Bonjour lovelies,

Is this not the most perfect pastel blue you have ever seen?!
I craved and bought this after seeing it on the brilliant Essie from and hearing her rave about it! I always end up buying things whenever someone says they are good, I need therapy.

Who could not want to own this? It is just beautiful. It is like a grown up version of Barry M's Blue Moon.
Maybelline say that Forever Strong Pro say that it lasts up to 7 days, which I have put to the test and do not think I completely agree with!
It also has calcium, iron and silica in to protect and strengthen nails, which just makes me love it even more.

The brush is big enough to get a layer done easily in two strokes, so application time is very quick.
I find it does dry fairly quickly but you should wait a couple of minutes before applying another coat as it can smudge.

This is with three coats as I found it a bit too transparent for my liking after the first two.
I love the end result. Ceramic Blue is so easy to wear and goes with everything!
I would not say that it lasts for seven days as it had chipped a fair bit after three days. However it was only by day five that it became very chipped and enough for me to want to take it off.

I love the Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish and think it is worth the £4.09.
It lasted longer than any other polish I have tried and the colour is gorgeous.
Maybelline is currently 3 for 2 in Superdrug as well!


  1. Lovely colour! Do let us know if it does live upto it's claims - might buy it for my younger sister (^__^) xxx

    1. does not last seven days, but lasts longer than any other polish I have tried!

  2. So pretty! I absolutely love pastel colors, so I think this powder blue would look great in the fall!

    1. It's so gorgeous! I think it would look great all year round. Xxx

  3. oooh i havent tried any maybelline nail polishes yet but have heard a lot of good things about this colour - it looks so pretty! really good price too!
    nicola xxx

  4. I got this polish yesterday (yep, still 3 for 2, so another two, yay!:)) and i'm absolutely loving it. such a gorgeous colour. It does need three coats, which i find a tiny bit annoying, but still..i'll do it because the final result is so pretty:) x


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