Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Review | Gelicity G-Spa 'Relax' Bath Gel

Hi lovelies.

I was recently sent a sample of the Gelicity G-Spa 'Relax' Bath Gel* from the lovely Beth at Gelicity.
I had not heard of Gelicity before, or so I thought until I did my research! Gelicity are responsible for my fun bath times as a child using Gelli Baff. I am a complete lover of a good bath, I spend hours submerged in hot water, especially if I have a good book.

There are three types of the Bath Gel avaliable to buy, I was sent Relax.
The Bath Gel arrived in a lovely box that made it feel like a very expensive product you would indeed find at the spa. It just made me more excited to try it.

There are many claimed benefits of using G-Spa Relax Bath Gel including exfoliation from the beads inside the gel. The tiny gel beads rehydrate the skin by releasing water into pores of the skin. The gel beads open up pores and remove any dirt, cleansing the skin. The gel retains heat and therefore helps to soothe muscles and joints. The relaxing smells from the Bath Gel help to relax you and destress after the day. Lastly after turning the Bath Gel back to water, it continues to cleanse, soothe and soften skin.

There are two packets inside the box which enable you to turn your bath water to the Relax Bath Gel and then back again to water so it can be drained away easily. The first packet is for Step 1. It contains the tiny sand like mixture that turns the bath water. 

Step 2 contains the salt like mixture that turns the Bath Gel back to water than still cleanses and soothes. After Step 2 is added the water can be easily drained away out of the bath.

As soon as I added the mixture from Step 1 to the running bath water, the water started to turn a beautiful purple colour, which I loved! Straight away I could see a gel like substance start to form under the tap.
The Relax Bath Gel has a lovely smell that was really noticable from when I opened the packet. It does smell slightly herbally or oil like, with lavender and jasmine smells. I found the smell really matched the "relax" theme of the product. 

I followed the instructions and swirled the Bath Gel into the water for a few minutes until it had turned into the gel I expected it too. Look at the beautiful end result of the bath! It transformed into a lovely deep purple colour that I really loved and wanted to jump straight into. It matches the lavender scent, the colour is inviting and relaxing. 

The Bath Gel turned the water into a creamy tub of tiny beads of gel. At first I was not sure how I felt about being in a bath of "gel" but I submerged myself and literally fell in love. It feels so lovely on your skin and is so soft and soothing. It did feel exfoliating and my skin felt like it was in a much better and softer condition afterwards. The Bath Gel stayed comfortable and hot for the whole two hours (yes it is a long time I know!) that I was in the bath, and the gel beads did not dissolve or disappear like I thought they would.

It was so simple to turn the Bath Gel back to water by using Step 2. It drained away easily and did not stain the bath. I really have fallen in love with Gelicity Bath Gel, it does feel like a spa product and it improved my skin, leaving it feeling exfoliated but soft. I came out of the bath feeling very relaxed and soothed, the smell also lingered in the bathroom too, which was very pleasant. I really enjoyed the experience.

Gelicity G-Spa Bath Gel can be bought from their website or from eBay.

Would you like to try a Spa Bath Gel?

*This post contains a PR sample.


  1. Oh wow I really want to try this now! two hours?! and NO staining? That crazy! :O

    I'll definitely be checking this out!


    1. It's fab! Really felt like a spa in my bathroom. :) xxx


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