Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review | Natural Collection Lipstick Sweet Pea

Bonjour lovelies!

I love Natural Collection and have to try to stay away from the stand in Boots otherwise I always end up spending at least £5 as it is always three products for a fiver!
I already own a few other shades of the lipsticks and have reviewed a few of the lipsticks before.
I recently picked up a few more products to try out including Sweet Pea Moisture Shine Lipstick.

The packaging is pretty simple and plain but it is what you would expect for a cheap price. I would say to be careful with the lipstick packaging as it does not feel very sturdy, however I have had no problems with any of my Natural Collection lipsticks so far. 


The colour is not my favourite from the range, but it is very flattering.
I personally prefer shades that are different to my natural lip colour, this is definitely one of those "my lips but better". It is a pearly pink with a fair bit of shimmer.

I really could not recommend Natural Collection lipsticks more, for £1.99 they are much better than you would expect and I will keep adding to my stash.

Have you tried any of the Natural Collection products?


  1. The colour is really pretty but I just couldn't get along with the lipsticks that I'd tried! (: xx

    1. ah really! did you try both types as I think they do a moisture shine and a different finish too x x

  2. Looks great and the price seems even better! I really love the color!

  3. That colour looks really good on you! I've never tried these but might have to check them out.


    1. thank you! I think it is a lovely colour that would probably suit everyone :) x

  4. this is such a pretty colour! i need to expand my natural collection lipstick collection!
    nicola xxx


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