Friday, 8 June 2012

Review | Natural Collection Lipstick Rose Petal

I love Natural Collection and have to try to stay away from the stand in Boots otherwise I always end up spending at least £5 as it is always three products for a fiver!
I already own a few other shades of the lipsticks and reviewed one of my favourites before here.

The packaging is pretty simple and plain but it is what you would expect for a cheap price. I would say to be careful with the lipstick packaging as it does not feel very sturdy, however I have had no problems with any of my Natural Collection lipsticks so far. 

(excuse the gormless looking face and frizzy hair)

I do not really understand why this shade is called Rose Petal, as it is actually a peachy nude shade with coral undertones, instead of a red or pink that springs to mind with a rose. Not that I can come up with anything better...
I love this shade as it is incredibly easy to wear. It is a lovely creamy texture and very pigmented!
I really could not recommend Natural Collection lipsticks more, for £1.99 they are much better than you would expect and I will keep adding to my stash.
Have you tried any of the Natural Collection lipsticks?
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  1. Rose Petal is one of my all time favourite lipsticks by Natural Collection - it's such a neutral colour that doesn't bring attention to your lips. Have you tried Apple Blossom? xo

    1. I liked the tester for Apple Blossom but they did not have one to buy :( x

  2. that looks a really nice colour :)

  3. I like this color! I have never heard of the brand though I wonder if it sells in the US. BTW I just found your blog and Im loving it. Im a new follower! Im looking forward on ready your upcoming posts :)


    1. It is a lovely brand for a cheap price! I am so jealous of some of the brands you have in the US:)
      Thank you so much, that really makes me smile :)


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