Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review | VO5 Miracle Mist

My hair is in SUCH bad condition.
I used to dye my hair and I put heat on it very frequently so the ends are very dry and damaged.
My hair is frizzy and needs to be tamed in the mornings.

I seriously need to face my fears and get it cut, but I hate the hairdressers. I do not like awkward social situations or having to stare at myself in the mirror for ages, plus I am never happy with the result...

(Thought I would let you know my hair type before I tell you about Miracle Mist)

Firstly I absolutely love the smell of this, some may find it off putting, but it is similar to products you find in a salon. There is a hint of coconut too I think.

"Give your hair a real treat with this fabulous lightweight leave in conditioning spray. With our famous 5 natural oils and extract of Satin Silk our Miracle Mist will give you lightweight moisturisation, improve manageability, help protect your hair from heat damage and give you smooth, soft and shiny locks."

I really like this product. I have not used a leave in conditioner before, but this really did improve the condition of my hair.
It helped my ends become less brittle when spritzed onto dry hair and made my hair generally less frizzy and a lot shinier. It makes it easier to style my hair and perks it up when I apply a few sprays in the morning.

I am really enjoying this and really recommend it!
I purchased this for about £4 from Superdrug, fairly reasonable for the amount as only a little is needed.

Much love,


  1. sounds noice :)! I know what you mean about disliking hairdressers - everytime I go I hate my hair until the day before it's cut again! x

    1. such a stressful and expensive experience! xx

  2. Great post, this sounds like such a lovely product! x

    1. It really has helped the condition of my hair!x


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