Monday, 28 May 2012

Review | Natural Collection Peach Melba Blush

Hi lovelies!
I am sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, I am currently swamped with revision and shifts at Debenhams, so have not had much free time.
I have however done a fair bit of shopping recently, and plan to review and show you everything I have bought.

In Boots recently I picked up 3 Natural Collection products for £5, bargain!
I have heard a lot of good and bad about this blush and wanted to try it myself.
Especially considering that is the same name as my favourite Barry M nail varnish.

For £1.99 I love this blush. I have only ever used Natural Collection lipsticks before, but I get on really well with them so expected a lot of the blush.

I actually quite like the packaging, it does look fairly cheap, but it also looks clean and you can easily see the shade of the blush. The blush is really pigmented for a cheaper brand and has a nice matte finish. It goes on really well with my Real Techniques Contour Brush (another new purchase, oops)
A small swipe gives a lovely healthy glow with a peach coral colour. 
I have tested this during the recent warm weather and it has lasted very well. After travelling on public transport and working five hour shifts at work my make up and this blush were still in place.

I genuinely really recommend this blush and will be restocking as soon as it starts to run out, and the amount I have been reaching for this recently I fear I will need a new one soon! It is easily wearable for light to medium skin tones and the matte finish is actually flattering.

Have you tried this blush or any other shades from the Boots Natural Collection range?

My giveaway is still up and running here until June 10th!


  1. One of my favourites! :) x

  2. I use this or their Pink Cloud blush everyday! Love how they're fragrance free, as it means my skin doesn't go stupid x

    1. another bonus that they are naturally good too hence the name haha!

  3. Oo i haven't tried this blush, pink cloud is my favourite and i think for the price the quality is amazing so i may pick this one up next time. Looks like a lovely colour:) Fab review! xo

    1. I think I need to have a look at pink cloud! Thank you!

  4. I'm in love with this one! It is such a nice peachy shade! xo

  5. I used to have this, then my friend borrowed it, dropped it, and shattered it, I forgot how beautiful it was and after seeing this I may have to go and pick up another :')thankyou x

    1. It's so cheap you have to pick it up again :)! Xx


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