Friday, 20 April 2012

Haul | Topshop Sale

Topshop mid season sale is now on lovelies!
As always I went through the website and was severely disappointed by what was on offer...

Now that my job transfer has come through, I am now working at a shopping center called Lakeside.
Dangerous when you arrive early and end up browsing the shops.

I walked down to Topshop and was really impressed with was was available in the sale.
Everything was really well laid out and tidy, probably because it was the first day of the sale.

This is what I picked up:

The checked shirt was £15 reduced from £30 and I absolutely love it.
It is light weight, so will be perfect for the warmer months with a pair of shorts.

The grey shirt with the gold sparkly heart is something I have wanted for ages! I considered buying it when it  first came into store so am very happy to have found this, however it is a size too big.
It was £8 reduced from £20.

The tiger shirt is something I probably would not go for normally, but I am short of casual tops and liked the slightly cropped and light style of this one.
This was also £8 reduced from £18.

There is a HUGE sale on jewellery, which I had to be careful around as I am addicted to the Freedom range.
I have had my eye on these earrings for a while now, they were £1.75, bargain!
I did have a quick look at the other rings and earrings and there was a lot available, however I had to go to work so did not get a chance to have a proper look.

You should all check out the sale in your local stores if you can!

Much love,


  1. love the grey top!
    I ordered some things online and I've been waiting for the parcel! I was quite impressed by the choice of the shoes which were put on sale! xx

    1. I've wanted that top for ages so was happy to get it reduced!
      I think I need to go through all the sale stuff again :) x

  2. Replies
    1. There great and they have them in other colours too!x

  3. Love tops hop, but man they're expensive. Follow you now hope you follow back! Thanks!

  4. Bargain earrings! I went into the Oxford Street Topshop and the sale was a little bit overwhelming!! lovely blog xx

  5. Need to get myself down to Topshop I think - looks like you got some great bits.

  6. Just thought that I should let you know that I have nominated and awarded you FIVE Blogger awards!! xx


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