Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review | Natural Collection Corrector Stick

In the ongoing battle of fighting skin redness, I discovered that Natural Collection have their own corrector stick aimed at neutralising skin redness.
My usual cover up routine includes using different powder shades to combat the redness, so I thought this may be an easier and quicker way to sort out my skin tone.

The packaging is the standard white tube that you get from Natural Collection lipsticks. The white packaging used by Natural Collection is fairly cheap looking and not overly sturdy, but for the price you pay it is fairly acceptable.

"Easy to blend freen concealer helps to hide areas of rosy skin. Fragrance Free."

I was not sure whether to blend the corrector stick under make up or over it. 
I have tried both and neither seems to work best, so I have been using a little bit before and after applying makeup to try and get the best results.

The corrector stick is a very pigmented green colour, which I have found quite difficult to blend so that it is not noticeable. 
I am not completely convinced that this actually fights areas of redness as well as I wanted it too, as I still find myself reaching for other concealers and powders. Really this just makes applying make up a longer process!

Natural Collection Corrector Stick is £1.99 from Boots.

The search for a magic skin tone corrector product continues.... Any advice?

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  1. I tried this a few years back and really disliked it x

    1. has definitely been a bit of a disappointment :( x


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