Monday, 23 April 2012

Review | MUA Lipstick Shade 3

I have been delving further into the works of MUA this past week.
This is my first lipstick from MUA, I picked up two from Superdrug the other day so thought I would review them for you all!

The packaging is actually quite good for the £1 price! 
I like the design as it is classic and professional looking, however I have read reports of the bullets breaking!
There is a small clear section on the bottom of the tube which comes off when you pull it. 
I have seen it being described as a lipgloss or balm to go with the lipstick.
However I emailed the MUA company as on my other lipstick this part would not come off. 
MUA said that this is a clear section to display the colour and not intended to come off the packaging.
Therefore it is not actually meant to break off or be used on your lips!

I absolutely love this colour. It is a bright fuchsia pink with hints of red.
It glides on easily without pulling on your lips, and it is very moisturising for the price.
It is a very pigmented lipstick and I found one layer was enough to create a vibrant look and made my teeth look whiter!

I have been wearing this every day and have had a lot of compliments from it!
It is actually very long lasting for a £1. It lasted about 4 hours and needed to be touched up after eating obviously.
For the price this is actually a great product, and it has a lovely vanilla smell too it.

I am very impressed with the MUA lipstick and am really enjoying wearing this.
Have you tried this shade or any others from MUA?

Much love,


  1. Never tried MUA, but this colour looks great!
    I hope you will check out my blog! Maybe we can follow each other?
    Thanks for posting-have a good day! :)

    xx Veronica

  2. Never tired MUA but I love this colour I would wear it everyday too!

  3. I love the look of that lipstick.
    MUA lipsticks are amazing, for the price that they pay :D


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