Friday, 13 April 2012

Review | Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

Before you read this, I apologise for the awful photos.
Constant rain has made lighting difficult and I have packed my camera away to sell on ebay.

I have been on the hunt for a new foundation for a while, simply because I am fairly bored of using Dream Matte Mousse every day!
I have read rave reviews about Healthy Mix foundation but thought I would try Bourjois' latest release first.

"Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation gives a flawless and even complexion for up to 16 hours, thanks to a new generation formula."
It contains three colour specific concealing pigments that target different skin issues.
1. Yellow Pigments target and banish dark circles.
2. Mauve Pigments for an anti-dull complexion.
3. Green Pigments even out skin tone and get rid of redness.

123 Perfect Foundation claims to provide 24hour moisture and prevent shine, with a cotton flower extract.
Bourjois have included SPF10 in the soft and smooth formula to create a second skin finish.

I have very pale skin so did not find it difficult to pick the shade of foundation I wanted simply because there was not much choice. This may create a bigger problem for others, as there were only five shades available.

I purchased shade "51 Light Vanilla" which still looks fairly orange in the picture above.
However I am finding it to be a fairly good match for my skin tone when applied to my face.

I always apply liquid foundation with my fingers as I find that the easiest way to get an even and smooth finish.
The consistency of 123 Perfect Foundation is medium to slightly heavy and I found that it smoothed over my skin very easily. I really like the coverage it provides. It is a fairly medium coverage but feels amazingly light on my skin! The SPF10 is also an added bonus with the weather (attempting) to get brighter.

I agree that the three pigments do all work well to create an even finish. I suffer from bright red cheeks and have been fairly impressed with the coverage that this has provided. I have not felt the need to reach for concealer to cover any redness or dark circles, and I do feel that my skin is more illuminated. 

Blended on my hand it still looks a tad orange, but on my face it is a good match and can be blended down with powder or up with bronzer if I feel I need too.
It is a shame there are only five shades available as many people will not be able to find the right match for their skin tone. I am lucky to find a shade that does actually match my skin tone very well.
A negative that I have found with 123 Perfect Foundation is it's claim of  brilliant skin for 16 hour wear.
On application the foundation does not show any dry patches on my skin, but after roughly 10 hours it does seem to cling to these areas and does need to be retouched, still fairly impressive for a highstreet brand!

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation retails at £10.99 and is being released across the country in the next couple of weeks.

Have you found your perfect foundation from a drugstore?

Much love, 


  1. I was really curious abt this foundation and I m very happy you did this review!:-) I have samples of this, but havent tried them yet!:-)

    1. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I do!

  2. my favourite drug store foundation is rimmel lasting finish 25 hour foundation,it's amazing!

    check out my blog if you have the time x

    1. I've never tried a Rimmel foundation. Interested too try wake me up!xx

  3. I will follow your blog...



  4. This sounds really good! Love how Bourjois make their products a bit more interesting, I'm still on the hunt for my 'perfect' foundation so shall be giving this a go soon :) x

    1. Definitely give it a go! I am really enjoying it x

  5. My perfect foundation was NO7 matte skin foundation but recently I have gotten bored of it and found it is not as matte as i like, I will need to check this out!!


    1. I do recommend this. I like to change it up with make up so I'm enjoying wearing this!xx

  6. i was contemplating buying this yesterday! i think boots had a deal where they was £4 or something, i think i may invest! thanks for the review! x


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