Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Heat Magazine...

Today I sent this email to the Editor of Heat Magazine:

"Dear Lucie Cave,

I'm emailing you in regards to a few recent articles that have been published in Heat magazine and on the Heat website.

I have been a reader of Heat for several years now and was originally drawn to it because of its individuality, creativity and humour. Heat stood out from other women's magazines as it was not body obsessed and focused on entertaining celebrity articles instead.

Myself and friends, including Louise Jones who has worked for you in the past, were disgusted to read an article in issue 668 about Heidi Range and her weightloss. The article said she was ecstatic to be size 6 again and never wants to be size 10 again as its too curvaceous.

Personally this disgusted me as to claim that size 6 is the ideal figure is unhealthy and an awful message to send to young women. Discussions began on twitter with many users shocked that Heat would allow something like this to be posted in their magazine and online.

Another article that sparked upset on twitter was tweeted by the Heat account last night, claiming how happy Jennifer Lawernece was to have lost weight and how much better she feels for it.

Heat is promoting extreme weightloss to young women who already feel vulnerable in modern society. I began purchasing Heat as I felt it combated this problem instead of fuelling it.

I am really disappointed to have found articles like this in Heat. Women should be made to feel great no matter what shape or size they are, and many people are now feeling not good enough or the wrong size.

I hope you can understand where I am coming from as I wanted to voice the opinions made by myself and many of my friends on twitter.

Thank you for responding to our tweets and for taking the time to read this email.

Ellie Steadman"

I have yet to receive a reply and doubt I will do as one voice is not loud enough for them to listen too.

^ The online link to the article.
The article in issue 668 of Heat .

Personally this has upset me as magazines should not publish articles like this when their words could easily damage the opinions of so many young women or teenagers.

I am very uncomfortable in my own skin and struggle with weight.
I am a size 10/12 and now feel like that is too big for today's fashionable society.

May just be me, but I would love to know what others would think.

The more people that complain to Heat, the higher the chance of them listening!

Thoughts please?
Much love

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Review | Look Loud Lips Baby Doll Lipstick

Browsing in Superdrug yesterday I was looking at the Look Beauty make up stand. 
I have never bought anything from Look Beauty, but I love the magazine so have wanted to try it for a while.
There was a special promotion on meaning that 'Loud Lips' Lipsticks are £5 instead of £7 for a limited time.

I love it when lipsticks come in a box as it looks slightly more upmarket for a high street brand.
The packaging is slightly retro and 70's. It is seriously cute. 

A percentage of each sale of the range goes to The Look Good Feel Better Charity.
Each item is also packaged in pretty boxes with print designed by Ashley Isham.

I was torn between Shade 1 Baby Doll and Shade 2 Tangerine Cream.
I purchased Baby Doll as I am still looking for a light pink lipstick that is also bright in colour and highly pigmented. 

The lipstick case is great as it has a magnet in it so that it clicks together easily.
So handy to use when you are in a rush as it just snaps shut.
The lipstick is not very dainty but is easy to hold and apply.

I really love this colour, it is great to wear now the sun is coming out more.
I bought it to compare it too Natual Collection Pink Mallow, from this post
Baby Doll is alot brighter and more "Barbie Pink".

Swatch shows it to be quite a bright colour. This was one layer showing that it is highly pigmented.
It is very similar to MAC's GaGa lipstick. AND half the price.

The lipstick is easy to layer and blend. It is quite creamy in texture and easy to apply. 
It is a build-able colour and fairly moisturising.
It is not very long lasting, it needs to be touched up roughly every 4 hours.

I will definitely be buying Tangerine Cream as soon as I am back in Superdrug. 
Especially whilst it is at the better price of £5.

Have you tried anything from the Look Beauty range?

Much love 

Monday, 12 March 2012

Review | Sleek Barely There Lipstick

I have read alot of reviews about Sleek products and have wanted to try some of them out for a while now.
Easiest way for me to judge a brand is by their lipstick as I use it so often and buy them regularly!

I purchased the shade "Barely There" in Sheen. Sleek lipsticks can be picked up in matte or sheen depending on personal preference. Matte was not available so I didn't have much choice anyway.  

The lipstick is fairly small but well presented. It is easy to fit in a bag compartment or pocket. 
I like the packaging as it is easy to use and looks sweet.

Barely There is a soft nude with a hint of peach. 
It is not as subtle as I expected it to be but I love the colour.

With powerrrrrful Flash.

Normal light.

I would recommend this lipstick as it is creamy and easy to apply. I have been wearing it daily and it is fairly long lasting but fades away as expected during the day. It does however feel slightly heavy on the lips.
 Will definitely be purchasing more from the Sleek range.

Much love

Monday, 5 March 2012

Wish List | March 2012

I seriously cannot believe that it is March already. A quarter of the way through 2012. Two months to exams (help me). And only four months til I am 18! 
Anyway to ignore how quickly time is moving I have created my wishlist of things I would love to get my hands on this month.

  1. I love this vest from Topshop. Would be so easy to wear with shorts and a leather or denim jacket. 
  2. Eyeliner is my makeup essential.I really like the Maybelline gel eyeliner, so want to try the Rimmel version!
  3. I love the colour and slouchy style of this Topshop cardigan. Perfect for Spring and the (hopefully) warmer days.
  4. It is still cold enough to wear printed tights, I really want these leopard print ones from ASOS.
  5. I still do not own anything from MAC :( I really want to try the Creme Cup lipstick from MAC as the colour is so cute and I have read so many good reviews!
  6. I am Disney obsessed and love this Cinderella Carriage Ring from ASOS.
  7. I need new Converse in my life and it would make sense to get them in one of my favourite colours, burgundy! I love these from Schuh.
Much love xx
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