Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review | Natural Collection Lipstick Pink Mallow

Today when I was browsing in Boots I added to my lipstick collection with this lovely from Natural Collection. It cost £1.99. I already have a few other lipsticks from Natural Collection in other shades such as Cranberry, a rich red colour .

The shade I picked up was Pink Mallow. I have been looking for softer lipstick shades as the weather gets better as I have been wearing deep reds and pinks for way too long.

The packaging is pretty simple and plain but it is what you would expect for a cheap price. I would say to be careful with the lipstick packaging as it does not feel very sturdy, however I have had no problems with any of my Natural Collection lipsticks so far. 

This does not show how soft pink the lipstick is as my camera was mucking me around today, it is a flattering pink which I think would suit all skin tones. 

My lips were very dry today so this picture is not a good example of how lovely the colour is.
 I would say the best way to get the most of this lipstick is too make sure you have some sort of balm or moisturiser on your lips before you apply as it can be slightly drying and the softer your lips are the more long lasting the lipstick is.

I will definitely keep purchasing this brand of lipstick in other colours as they are good for every day wear for a cheap price!

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