Sunday, 19 February 2012

Review | Loverdose by Diesel Perfume

Diesel Loverdose is the latest female fragrance created by Diesel. 

"A beautiful but deadly weapon of seduction. Ignite passion like never before."

I have loved this perfume ever since I first got sprayed by the annoying perfume women at work.
After dropping hints (writing I WANT THIS PLEASE) I was sad not to get it for Christmas but now it is mineeeee.

My usual daily perfume is Vanilla from The Body Shop as I love sweet smelling scents that last all day, plus it is cheap so I do not have to restrict how much I use! However I have become so used to this perfume I do not even notice it anymore, I wanted something new and strong that would excite me whenever I smelt it. Loverdose is perfect.

The bottle is beautiful! It is made too look like a heart being struck by a dagger. It is very eye catching and stands out between my other bottles of perfume on the dressing table! The deep purple colour also seems to work well with the fragrance, weird I know. 

The fragrance is unique and completely addictive. It is slightly floral but spicy which goes really well together. The strongest smells are mandarin and star anise, followed by the luscious fragrances of jasmine, liquorice, and vanilla. It has a strong staying power and truly lasts all day. 

I purchased the 50ml gift set from Debenhams which came with the body lotion. It was reduced in the sale to about £32 but due to staff discount and beauty points I only paid £10! Bargain. The gift set can be purchased for the best price here, a good price considering the perfume individually is quite pricey.

Much love x


  1. This bottle is so cool!

  2. You're right, the bottle is so lovely! :)x


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