Monday, 5 December 2016

#refreshingstuff with Oasis!

I'm back on the blog to share something that is just too much fun to not be a part of and something I’m sure you are going to want to get involved with. 

Oasis is about to launch the world’s first face swappable bottle. Yep, you read that right!
I'm a bit of a face swap addict, but have to admit I much prefer face swapping with unusual items and objects over swapping faces with my friends. There is just something so pleasing seeing your own face somewhere random and unexpected - and Oasis are taking this to another level of fun with these amazing bottles. They don't just want Oasis in your face, they want Oasis on your face! 

There face swappable bottles work with any app with face swap technology so just pull your best pose worthy of being on the bottle and you will be become the star of Summer Fruits.
Of course I couldn't not give it a go so here's my very own Oasis face swap. 

To celebrate this ingenious idea, Oasis are giving you the chance to win one of 500 face swappable bottles of Oasis Summer Fruits, my flavour of choice!
To enter all you have to do is click here to head over to Oasis' Facebook Page and post one of your best ever face swap photos in the comments of the competition post. 

Do not miss your chance to enter, just click here to be taken to the competition page and get entering with your best face swap picture. 

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Fleur De Force Make Up Collection

Fleur De Force Beauty Collection ReviewFleur De Force Beauty Collection ReviewFleur De Force Beauty Collection ReviewFleur De Force Beauty Collection ReviewFleur De Force Beauty Collection ReviewFleur De Force Beauty Collection ReviewFleur De Force Beauty Collection Review

Lipglosses £6.99
Eyeshadow Quads £7.99
Make Up Bag £8.99

One of the first YouTubers I ever came across was the lovely Fleur from Fleur De Force. Since discovering Fleur she has stayed one of favourites and was actually one of the bloggers that inspired me to start my own blog and YouTube Channel.
You can probably imagine how excited I was when I received an invite to the launch of Fleur's new beauty line. Fleur has been killing it this year with the launch of her book The Glam Guide and an eyelash range with Eyelure. The launch of Fleur De Force Beauty is brilliant and I am so excited to share the collection with you after meeting the lovely lady herself and hearing her love for the products.

Fleur's first make up collection is exclusive to and features a cute make up bag, two eye shadow quads and six lipgloss shades. The range is themed around Fleur's love of stars and her gorgeous pastel/water colour branding.
I absolutely adore the make up bag, it has the most beautiful design with pastel colour and rose gold details. I like that it has poppers so you can expand the bag, if like me you have a habit of carrying too much stuff!

I have the eye shadow quad in Luna Rose, a rose gold toned quad that is right up my street. The four shades include a matte soft pink, a metallic rose gold, a shimmery ivory with a hint of pink and a mauve with hints of gold. I used to be scared of these tones of shadows as I am very pale but I actually really enjoy wearing them. I love that all the shadows in this quad work well together easily and that you can get quite a few different looks out of it.
The shadows are soft, pigmented and easy to blend. A really great quality and affordable product.

I love wearing lipstick and actually feel a bit funny without it, however I'm not the biggest fan of glosses because I hate that sticky feeling most have. Fleur's range includes six shades from neutral pink to your traditional reds, there is a shade for everyone!
I have the shades Written In The Stars, a neutral pink which is slightly darker than my own lip colour, and Lucky Star, which is a blue toned red.

The glosses actually feel really nice and aren't that sticky. I think it's impossible for a gloss not to have that texture but these aren't tacky feeling or a magnet for your hair to stick to.
The pigmentation is great and you only need one application for an opaque finish. The glosses have a sweet scent and wear off nicely after about four hours.

I really am impressed with Fleur's first make up collection and really hope she expands it!
It's very affordable, very cute and the products are great quality.
Have you tried any of the Fleur De Force make up range?

*pr samples, review 100% honest as always

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Being MIA

So I've basically been missing in action for the past month on this blog, to be honest even longer.
I've been possibly the worlds worst blogger this year. I've been posting once a week, if that, and feel completely out of the blogging world and community.

I don't even feel like it's right to try and make excuses, but basically life got busy and my YouTube Channel grew a little bit so most of my time has been spent uploading two videos a week over there. I've been blogging for over three years and making videos for about a year properly. Doing something new and challenging has taken over my time and the blog has kind of faded away into the background.
The less I blogged the worse I felt about myself and my blog, it's kind of like that snowball effect where it's got to the point where my 'blog self confidence' is at a very low point. I've been struggling with some personal issues as well lately, I've been feeling quite down and worthless, so the last thing I've wanted to do is face the reality of my pretty crap blog!

I considered just deleting this website and moving on from it, but I still have so much love for blogging. I know my blog is at best average, and the lack of effort I've put into it means it really is kind of a waste of internet space at the moment. But I don't want to throw something away that I've worked on and has been a huge part of my life for over three years.

I think one of the hardest parts about blogging is trying not to compare yourself to others, I've watched other bloggers achieve great things and grow brilliantly whilst I've stayed static for so long. Meaning my motivation and passion has faded. When I've had time to blog I've just put it off in favour of other things.

I've accepted that my blog will always just be what it is and isn't a high profile/glossy/top blog that we all know and read. However I have a passion for writing and am going to try and jumpstart my blogging game again.

My lack of blogging the past few months means I don't actually think anyone reads anymore, but if you do then thank you so much. It means more than you'll ever know and I'm very sorry for being incredibly awful lately!

I'm still very active everywhere else on the internet, just not where the attention is needed. Here's hoping I'll be back in the swing of things very soon.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint £3.99 each

I hate waiting for nail varnish to dry! I am far too impatient and no matter how long I leave it, it usually smudges. Barry M have recently expanded their fab nail product collection with a new line of nail polishes that dry very quickly. Here are the original 9 shades in the line up, there is pretty much a shade for everyone here.

This line of nail paints has bottles and names of course all designed around the theme of speed and racing. I love the racing flag lids, they are different, fun and easily identifiable. The names too are all excellently themed. 
This range introduces a brilliant new brush, which makes applying polish very easy and fast. It's a completely flat brush with a rounded end, it covers the whole nail and gives you an even coat in one stroke.  I'd love to see this style of brush introduced into other Barry M polishes.

The line up of Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints includes shades:

In A Heartbeat- slightly muted salmon pink, very classic and sophisticated.
Kiss Me Quick- traditional, bright baby pink.
Full Throttle- fun bright peach and orange mix, quite creamy in finish.
Stop The Clock- a pastel yellow with a hint of a grey nude.  
Lap Of Honour- a dusty mauve shade with a grey tint.
Road Rage- a mint green that leans slightly more towards a sea green shade.
Pole Position- a pistachio green that is very unique.
Eat My Dust- a soft powdery blue, very pretty.
Pit Stop- a nude grey mix, one of my favourites.

I think it's quite a basic collection in terms of exciting shades, but that's in no way a bad thing. I view this collection as a great way to pick up some go to polish shades with the clever speedy dry formula.

Do the polishes actually dry fast? Yes they do. Two coats is touch dry in under five minutes.
The finish is quite normal, not too glossy or too matte. Some of the lighter shades need three thin coats but most the range is good with two normal coats of polish.

If you are in the market for some new nail paints then definitely pick these up!

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